Caythorpe Canter 4/4/2009

Anyone else doing this?

Caythorpe is near Grantham in Lincs. 

Entries on Day.

A 26 or 13mile mainly off road run or walk. Not that hilly I gather, but not flat either.

Free crumble n custard at the finish image


  • Well that was a nice event as predicted. Not hilly at all. Joint 2nd place 3h27 with 2 others. Full 26m route not waymarked this year, so it was basically follow the written instructions. It wasnt too difficult a couse so that wasnt so bad.

     It was just 6 days after Jurassic Challenge for me, so I am well chuffed to have finished it and felt strong especially in last 1/2 and had no probs.

    I dunno how i did that and the ole quads are gonna really say thanks for that again over the next few days, but if you dont give it a whirl, you dont know what you can achieve. 

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