Easter 2010 Marathon?

I am about to book our holday next year.  We will either be going on 2nd April or 6th April for 10 nights

Easter 2010 is 4th April.  Are there likely to be any marathons on Easter day ? (I havnt been doing them long enough to know), if so doing, say Blackpool, if it is the same time as this year would be good then go on hols on 6th.

Alternatively I could do one when we get back (at the end of April) but I am worried about being away for 10 days and only running 3 miles a day whilst away then doing a marathon especially if the marathon is the last weekend of April (which seems to be a popular (ish) weekend this year ) as that would mean a 3.5 week taper with most of that time not running very much at all.

I will prob do Edinburgh whatever but with that being the end of may I dont like that to be my target one as it could be really hot.

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