Sunday 5th April 2009

# he was a juvenile delinquent

What: last proper long run, 22M
Why: FLM
Last hard: sunday
Last rest: friday

Good confidence booster after last weekends misfire. gradual windup to reach 20M in 2h18 then slow jog home over the very hilly final 2M

Race well people


  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Nice work Imski.

    Long run here too. Will read back when I get a chance later - busy day planned.

    What: 24m d&d in 2:41 (6:42m/m avg - evenly paced, felt good) / 6m rec later time allowing.
    Why: why not?
    Last hard: Friday.
    Last rest: 17/03.
    Lyrics: No.

    Have a great day all.

  • Hmmm...two stonking long runs me...

    Yesterday's 22M wasn't quite the confidence booster I wanted as the last long run before Stratford, but it wasn't a disaster.  My legs felt tired and a bit achey after just 2M and, at 6M, I realised I had left my gels at home!  How brainless is that?  Anyway, decided to press on and see what happened.  What happened was that the wheels came off a bit at 18M.  Mile 20 was, basically, uphill and a real struggle.

    Still, I got round.  I wanted to run all the way to get my confidence up, but didn't quite manage that with a couple of walk breaks thrown in.  Still, I hope that 3 weeks of gentle tapering, remembering my gels (!!), having some company on the day and it being a race rather than a training run will all add up to a better performance in 3 weeks.

    Off out for a gentle 5.5M in a few minutes.

  • Morning All

    Three good long runs there, were all at it!

    What: Nothing
    Why: Not feeling too good and legs tired after yesterdays long run, plus cut back week as per schedule.
    Last Hard: Monday
    Last Rest: Today

    Lyrics: No.

    Yesterdays lyrics were wrongly quoted! This is what happens when your'e tired from a long run. Should have been Dire Straits.

    Have found out what my small share of the company was worth and am smiling!!

  • Imski, TT & SGQ
    All great distances that I can only dream about at present!

    Sounds like a good time for a rest day.
    Can I  assume you'll be buying new garmins for all on the DTT?

    What:  Just over 8 miles in 1:07, pace 8:22
    Why:  Scheduled "longer" run
    Last hard:  2008
    Last rest:  1 day

    Another "longest run of the year" ticked off.  Seemed fine, will have to consider hills and/or double figure distances soon...

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Very nice progress 40mins. No aches or pains in the achilles?

    Was supposed to be at an all-day 60th birthday party today, but Jr was very under the weather so had to take him home. On the plus side, we're going back later for the cake part and the distance is about what I'd planned for recovery, so Mrs TT will drive home and I'll fit in a little jogette (which will bring me over 120 for the week I think). The only question is cake first, or afterwards??? image

    Had a chance to read back, so......

    SD - well done on the pb!

    tigerrunner - sounds hopeful for FLM. Good news.

    RFJ - continued improvement. Very impressive! Congrats to jr too.

    KB Peanut - recover well.

    TmR - how're you feeling today?

    Gobi - sensibly done at NHTT yesterday ;-)

  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭

    Good afternoon

    Good long runs there, especially 40 minutes, who I have a great deal of empathy with!

    DD: new legs for me...the garmin can wait.

    What: first pinning on of a number for many years. Local 1st Sunday of month 5k, duly completed in 22.41... which considering I would have been pleased with each k at  5 mins was pleasing. Now less than 8 minutes outside my best! PB as an 55 year old too (as would any other time have been).

    Why: a benchmark of where I am up to. Lots to come yet I hope.
    Last hard: I guess today, but it wasn't as hard as some hilly runs (Styal Woods)
    Last rest: Dec 24

    Lyrics: nope

    Was torn between the above race and going to the Northern 12 stage.  Decided on the selfish option. Look forward to race reports later.

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • TT
    No, achilles seems fine thanks - although frst thing in the morning is the key test.

    You're even older than me!  I'll be doing my first pinning-on of 2009 on Wednesday for the first 5K of the Yeovil summer series.  Not for any great time (something similar to yours probably, which would be 3 mins over my PB of last year) but as a marker so that I can hopefully enjoy progress for the rest of them.

    About time for some race reports isn't it?

  • some good long runs reported today.  I wish I could say the same

    What: a gentle run around the Oxfordshire countryside aka White Horse half marathon
    Why: i seem to have lost the plot at the moment, and rather wasting runs by neither doing one thing or the otherimage
    I set off with the intention of racing, and felt pretty well motivated, but a few miles in realised that one of my problems in the last few days has been that my left quad/knee is very tight. I;m sure my right leg could have made a good race of it!  Then thought I do at least part of MP, but soon decided that I might as well cut my losses and run it as a training run, but as it was only 13ml I probably would have been better doing 20 or 22ml from home.  I'm feeling pretty dissatisfied with myself at the moment; tempted to go out for another run, but in reality know this will just compound any muscle tiredness.  Just I hope I haven't blown the marathon and rest of the spring.

  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭

    Good luck for Weds then 40 mins. Hope there is no reaction (and for me tomorrow!). My main problems today were the first half km...seemed far too fast compared to any of my training paces, and my stomach (too much of it!) in the last half km.

    And yes, where are the race reports?!

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Greetings all,

    what - 22m
    why - LSR along the Test Way (had to be done on such a nice day)
    last rest - Tues
    Last Hard - Yesterday

    Take care all

  • mavamava ✭✭✭

    hi all

    great long running going on out there.  

    What: paddock wood half
    Why:  good question
    Last hard: ooooo that was
    last rest: 16 Feb

    courtesy of vodka shots on thursday and unusual sunshine and heat today I didn't do as well as I hoped.  I went off way too fast and died in the middle.  on the upside today was probably one of my better half marathon times, on the downside I should have been able to do much better.  Chip time was 2:18:58.  Should have been able to do 2:15 easily and I'd secretly hoped for better.  I don't like flat runs and although this wasn't pancake flat there was too much flat for me. Gratifying it was though that on all the small inclines I watched everyone around fall way back while I just plodded on regardless!

    So if I try a sober week (hard when my main source of hot food is the pub next door) I might be able to do a bit better at Folkestone on Friday - that's if my legs work...


  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Evening all

    Great news 40

    Some great long runs by peopls

    Unlucky TMR

    What: Paddock Wood Half
    Why: benchmarking
    Last hard: today
    Last rest: 13th March

    Paddock Wood Half result 1.17.38
    Plan had been 6minmiles to see how it felt

    Back was not good early on and general fatigue at 5 miles was quite distressing. At 8 miles I remembered how to run and at 10 headed home. All in all a solid run and in control.

    5 mile splits


    Really need to get some miles in now though
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    Looks like some good long runs - catch up later

    Mava - Well done sorry i didn't see you

    What: Paddock Wood Half
    Why: madness, stupidity you name it
    Last Hard: Today

    Certainly was warm today saw a few people receiving medical attention on the course (hope they are alright) Certainly not half marathon fit but also secretly hoping for a pb and super secretly hoping for sub 1:50.
    Was a case of do i run round easily but the competitive side of me took over and was aiming for a pb started of at a ridiculous 8:20 pace soon slowed down, found it hard today. Masnaged to pick a spurt on at the end and did manage a pb ridiculous as it sounded by about 35 seconds to finish in 1:53:09

    Split time Avg. HR Max. HR
    8:21 147 156
    8:29 157 165
    8:22 157 159
    8:43 160 163
    8:34 159 161
    8:33 159 164
    8:38 160 165
    8:27 162 166
    8:45 163 167
    8:49 161 164
    9:04 160 166
    8:37 162 164
    8:19 166 169
    1:23 169 172 about 7:08 pace image

  • Paddock Wood looks like the event for the discerning runner today -

    mava - Perhaps not quite what you were looking for, but as you say, with better prep...?

    Gobi - Sounds like what you were looking for!

    Pammie - You too, and congrats on the PB!

  • Evening all,

    RFJ and jnr: congrats on the PB's
    SD: nice 5k
    TmR: unlucky, hopefully you'll be sorted soon
    Gobi: the comeback seems to be progressing nicely.
    Alehouse: a solid 5k considering your recent woes
    Mava: well done on the half
    Pammie: congrats on the PB

    What: 8m inc a "long" leg at the northern 12 stage relays. Not much to report really, my legs felt a bit battered from last weekend, but happy enough to get round the 4 and a bit miles in 24:10
    Why: I love relay racing image

  • Well done on your pbs Pammie and RFJ

    Nice to meet you briefly today clink.

    TmR - surprised that you don't seem to be hitting the times you feel you're capable of off the mileage you've been putting in.  Do you think you've over cooked it a bit?

    Alehouse - it must feel good to be back racing.

    Well done on the half mava and the 5k SD.

    Northen Relays for me.  Ran leg 5 and had a decent run.  Legs felt like they could go further, but breathing wasn't good.  Our team finished 12th, which means we get through to the National Relays.  Mind you I think most female teams get through as they are a bit thin on the ground.

  • Evening.

    Gobi.....wish I could knock out a steady 1.17 half!

    Pammie nice pb for you.

    TT....can't 'ave your cake and eat it!!!!! Run first.

    SGQ.....sorry to hear of your problems on long run with regards to gels. I took a gel for the very first time on my long run yesterday. It was a SIS one. Wont be taking one again thats for sure. They are so sickly just as well I'd stop at a local petrol station that I know has a tap so could wash it down with swig of water. Think i'll stick to mixed berry lucozade!

    What: 12k easy run with some first time runners who will be running in Derby 10k on April 19th.

  • Stuart L 2 - sorry missed you out there. A nice run by you, well done.
  • Cheers Hilly, you looked pretty strong today, and as I was saying to BR, you should breeze the sub 3 on the 26th. See you soon.
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