Enough time to get ready?

Hi everyone,

I posted on here a few months ago for the first time and you were very lovely. I am afraid my life got in the way and my focus slipped. I have now been re-inspired to run a 5k (smallest?!!) in London in October to raise money for asthma due to recent events in my life. If I am to be honest I am not sure how realistic it is and need some feedback or nudging! 

 I am not a fit person. I am overweight for my height but not obese (losing around stone and a half would get me to look really hot!) I am not yet a runner and have no real exercise in my life. I am a total running novice and have horrible memories of being teased at school in PE! I love to swim when I can and casually cycle for fun.

How realistic do you think it is that I could get ready enough by October to do the run? I want to be able to make it round without collapsing!

 Thanks for your words - I know it seems daft, but this is a real personal challenge for me.

 A xxx


  • Angek, you've loads of time! Have a look at RW 5k program here.

    Good luck! image

  • A 5k in October?, hell yeah, you have more than enough time.
  • hi angek, i myself have only just started running, at my peak i was 111.5kg(about 17 and a half stone)- im only 5 11)!!! i lost loads of weight through football and swimming and got down to 79kg. However,like yourself, life tended to come first, moved home 3 times,got married, had a baby, blah,blah,blah and i shot back to 102kg. However,this time,im deadly serious and just after xmas i took up running with my mate,im now down to 90kg and ran my first ever race last week(the liverpool half marathon) talk about being thrown in at the deep end! i got round in an impressive 1hr 45mins and shocked myself. I did 8 weeks of training which included 4x 5.5 mile runs and 1 7.2 mile run. Trust me, be disciplined, do it for yourself ,you've got loads of time, id even enter one before october if i was you as a practise session. Once youve done that first ever race you'll be so chuffed and hopefully like myself,you'll have the running bug and never be off this site,trust me,these guys on here will keep you motivated, good luck
  • just to add also, as a beginner, don't use the word 'race'. for us,it's not a race,it's fun,its an event, the only thing we're interested in is enjoying ourselves, beating our own times, and more importantly at the start, just completing the bloody thing!
  • loads and loads and loads of time

    I've been training a lady from work who has never run, and in a month she's at 3 miles. 

     as others have said, go for the distance and forget about sped, although you have plenty of time to get in some decent training. 

    well done  for getting out there image  A race is good motivation and if you can find someone who will train with you and push you enough to improve you but not destroy your confidence etc, even better ;D

  • Wow! You guys are so awesome! Thanks for the huge support and encouragement!

     Any tips before I get going? For example, do you carry water, run to music, run in the gym or outside? Do you also do other exercise whilst training eg swim, weights etc?

    And is it normal to go for a happy  jog to begin with image rather then go all out to see what you can do? I have got butterflies in my tummy - excited and nervous!

    Thanks for helping me out with all my rookie questions - I will take it all on board.

     You rock! image 

    A xxx

  • hi angek, get yourself the 5k beginners schedule that siance has done a link for, it will help you avoid getting injured. just forget speed for now and just go for running comfortably (well, as much as possible) for the times given in the training schedule

    when you are comfortable running for half an hour, I would start introducing some hill work and speed work if you are looking to increase your pace.  

     Personaly I run to music, but if you do decide to wear an ipod/mp3 make sure you can hear what is going on around you.  I don't bother with water unless I'm out for an hour or more but you'll find what is comfortable for you.

     definitely break it up with other exercise if you want to, I use the gym and use the static bikes and cross trainers plus some weight work, but just to tick over fitness levels, I'm not a competitive runner but I need to try and lose some weight and get my core stability improved so that's what I do.  the treadmill is good for speed work or getting confidence actually running before you hit the road.  

     but most of all run for yourself and just enjoy the achievement of being able to run 5k. 

    Most importantly make sure you have the right basic kit.... that is decent running shoes and no what they'll flog you in one of the low end sports shop image  you may need to get some specific to you, which is all very complicated and to do with how your foot lands, if it rolls excessively inwards, or is it outwards, I can never remember...  you will need stability shoes, but if not some good cushioned shoes . and a good sports bra, even if you are not blessed with a large chest (or cursed..) a good bra is a must. Also breathable techie fabric is better than cotton and TK MAXX is fab for bargains image

    beware though, running is a bug and once it's got you ................

  • Start well-hydrated, you won't need any water for that distance. If you're worried about running outside do some jog / walk intervals on a dreadmill first, but outside is sooo much better. Cross training's a good idea, just don't mash your legs with heavy weights if you intend to run the next day!

    The programme I linked takes you from no running to running, so builds up gradually but don't feel you have to follow it to the letter - it's a guide. When you go from walking to jogging just remember not to go too quick - keep at a slow pace then you'll be able to sustain it.

    As for music, that's up to you (and the source of great debate on this forum, along with dogs!) image

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  • I started running about this time last year for a 5K Race for Life in June.... which I did, although a walked a bit. I was 1.5 stone overweight then.

    I kept on running, completed a 5K start to finish running in October and have my first 10K in four weeks and plan to enter a half marathon in October.

    I was not fit at all... I am now 50 years old and exercise 6 days a week, run 3 days a week and am no longer over weight. At my heaviest I was 3 stone over weight.

    You can do it, you have lots of time between now and October and hopefully lots of nice weather to allow you out to do your training.

    Good luck image

  • I Ran my first 10k in March after never running anything more than the 50 metres to the local shops/pub until January of this year, build up slowly to the distance over the next few months and by October you'll wonder what you were worrying about image
  • Hiya!

    Totally doable image

    I am overweight, and very new to running.  I started a 10 week training programme 7 weeks ago, and I'm surprised how much I can already do.  Admittedly it's not in a great time, but I'm new to it so I'm not expecting to be really quick.  Anyway, I digress.  I entered a Race for Life event (5k) which is on 7th June.  I will have been running for about 3 and a half months come race day.

    Sometimes I run with music, other times not - just depends on my mood, though strangely I do find it easier to run to music.  I don't run with water though.  I don't think I'm out long enough at the moment for it to matter too much, so I just make sure I have a good glug when I get home.  Only thing I do do religiously is wear my Garmin, and record literally every nugget of info I can glean from it after each run to see how I'm progressing.  image

    My advise - start out slow and build up gently, it's working for me.

    Best of luck!

  • Hi, you should be fine to achieve that goal for October! Good luck!

    I am debating doing a 10k in July, but have only run as far as 5k maximum in the past so I am a little unsure! I am not what is known as a "natural" runner and there are times I really do struggle even on short runs and so I am going to really give it a try in the forthcoming weeks. Especially since the weather is improving! I agree with SuperDuff - starting out slow and building up slowly is the best thing!! image

    I personally run without music most of the time if i am outside - i find it too much of a dsitraction from cars / pedestrians / dogs etc if I take my iPod. Inside though I always listen to music on the treadmill - otherwise I find it much too boring!

  • I am new to regular running - I was 22 1/2 stones at my biggest and took up exercise and sensible eating to slim down. I started with swimming, moved on to the gym and I did my first race for life 3 years ago and walked it. The last 2 years I have jogged it but it has been a serious effort and I haven't trained properly at all. I have also done 2 10Kms in terrible times! I did them but they nearly did me in!!! As a result I have taken the bull by the horns and am running the Run to the Beat half marathon in September.
    For the first time I am following a running plan and I cannot believe how quickly I am improving. I am also finding that regular running is really helping me in the last stage of my weight-loss and with my fitness. I still need to lose a couple of stones but in spite of this my running is going really well. I am even starting to enjoy it! I have every faith that I will complete my half marathon in September so I definitely think that there is enough time to train for a 5KM in October.
    Thank you everyone on this thread for your inspiring stories which I will be thinking about as I pound the hills around where I live (they are many in number!) xxx
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