A beer after a run?

Just had a beer after my first run of over an hour, am I a wrong un'?


  • Nope

    Its whats its all about isn't it, unless your a top athlete, we do these thing for enjoyment.

  • Having a beer after a run is sure better than having it before the run
  • have another mateimage
  • What is wrong with that?!
  • its fluids and carbs

    Dim problem

  • seem to remember an article in RW about a pint of beer being an ideal recovery drink (but i may have been pi**ed, hic)image

  • Excellent image
  • Lovely day for it too, sweaty and sunny.
  • It's partly what running's for, so you can have more beer
  • Did someone say beer?

    I think the 3000 calories I just dropped off in my LSR mean I deserve one.....image

    IS it your round KK?image

  • you ran 30 miles??????

    Ill have a gin ta

  • Ha ha ha.

    I did a 10K race this morning, felt great enjoying the sun so decided to follow it up with a 20K bike ride. Then decided to follow that up with a celebratory pint, and am now feeling shleeeeeeeeepy.... image
  • Sounds like a perfect day to me Bunches image
  • Stop talking about beer - gave it up for Lent and there's still a week til Easter image
  • JohnFolJohnFol ✭✭✭

    Run the Reading half and you'll find a pub en route is serving it to runners!

    Water & carbs, what could be better?

  • I'll have to drink yours then DG! image
  • Welcome to my world DK - a beer after a run is not only a good idea, it's obligatory image

    On on

  • It didn't do David Bedford any harm! 
  • I likes beer I do, I'm trying to cut down but it was such a nice day. I'm just trying to cut it out during the week.

    Why does it taste so good? if only they could produce a low alcohol drink that tasted as good as say, a bottle of peroni. The missus said just have a glass of schloer! (sp)  image

  • Schloer? Shmer!! image
  • I like nothing better after a session of 5 a-side footy than downing an ice cold lager shandy... It's really good!
  • Plodding Hippo wrote (see)

    you ran 30 miles??????

    Ill have a gin ta

    No - I'm just bloody heavy.....image

    But not that heavy... Garmin said 2,879...... 20 miles? Did it lie Doctor Hipps? Did it?

    Is that why I'm never losing weightimage

    Is it the beer? Should I join you in the Juniper berry camp? image

  • someone's questioning whether they should have a beer after a run??

    I think DK should see a psychiatrist first for even asking the question in the first place as they're clearly mad...

  • *pours FB a pint*

    Or is it a bit early? image

  • I saw that article in RW too, about beer being the best post run recovery drink...  What's the point in running if you cant enjoy a pint & a bar of chocolate afterwards????
  • Mmmmm chocolate. roll On Easter Sunday no more lent image

  • I considered giving up alcohol for lent but neither me nor Mr CS were completely certain when lent actually started so I didnt bother...
  • 'I run therefore I drink'.....

    Was in the pub after the southern cross champs...5 out of the top 10 in there having a pint.

    Many stories of top runners being able to stick loads away..usually first in the bar. Good runners and drinkers...makes you sick doesn't it image

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