Running with glasses

Does anyone else have this problem with glasses or sunglasses, or is it just me?

Having done a couple of long runs, I am finding that my glasses wobble and slip, they end up rubbing on my nose, I get sore underneath them and sometimes spots too where they rub on nose/above eyes.  I also seem to spend half my life straightening them up

Did consider some vaseline or something to stop the rubbing - but then they would probably slip about more!  Have tried bending the arms to try and fit better, but it doesnt seem to help

Am I just odd?!



  • Interesting, i'm considering purchasing a pair of sunglasses for use when running.

    Maybe i should just continue to squint, i mean it is britain the sun aint going to be out that much image

  • Unfortunatly I cant see the road without glasses, of some sort!

    Maybe the sports sunglasses are better at not slipping?

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Solution tends to be either sports (sun)glasses, which have bigger pads around nose so that they can deal with sweat better or one of those oh-so-fetching glorified elastic bands to effectively bind the glasses to your face.  The other solution (which I prefer) is contact lenses!
  • I have to say I've never had this problem, either with regular glasses or sunnies - other than just getting a bit sweaty around the old nose bridge.

    Perhaps get a friendly local optician to check the fit of your specs? Otherwise, try a retainer band - never used one myself though, I have to say.

  • I've run with, err, 3 different types of oakleys, and never had a problem. Maybe get some "sports" frames for your specs. If such a thing exists.
  • I'd suggest that your glasses don't really fit - if they did they'd be much more stable. I'm fortunate that my current pair don't move at all because they fit so well around my ears, and they're photochromic as well so I don't need special sunglasses. If you do want proper running prescription glasses however then look at - they're much better quality than a lot of what the high street opticians offer, and cheaper too. I've used their prescription fishing glasses all over the world for years, and they're superb.
  • I use daily disposable contact they are great,no worries about cleaning just chuck em awayimageThey are ideal for ocassional use
  • Maybe I should get brave enough to try contacts....

    sounds like I need to find time to get to an optician and get them wiggled with properly - and if that doesnt help resort to getting a band (used to have one for watersports) or finding some sport specific glasses

    I never knew such a thing existed!

  • I wear glasses and have never had a problem.

    I would suggest your glasses don't fit correctly

  • Mine dont move but they steam up in the cold and i cant see when its raining


  • LOL I have that too Hipps!

    They steam up when I get too hot too!

  • I have two different pairs of prescription glasses - the newer ones are a tighter fit and less prone to moving about. The older ones fit, they're just a different shape.

    I often wear a Buff headband thingy and then wear my glasses as normal - the Buff keeps them in place.

  • Plodding Hippo- Me too!

    Nothing like running blind in to a rain storm for adding a bit of danger I suppose...

  • me too wrt daily dispoable lenses - i only really wear them for sports and have a prescription where they send my 10 pairs a month. my photochromic glasses have plastic frames so they do slip down my nose as they dont have a nose piece but my other glasses stay put just fine - perhaps you need the nose piece or the legs tightened up?
  • Hippo and Carly - me three!!

    Can't wear contacts - eyes quite dry and I can't get the vision properly correct because (as an optician once described it) my "rugby balls are pointing in odd directions" (I have irregular astigmatism).

    Solution: never run when it's raining! Sorted!

  • Hmmm

    Me thinks there is a market for glasses with windscreen wipers....

  • yep


    wouldnt run with contacts, cant get the sodds OUT of my eyes and it muight scrrew up a run

  • I am just very squeamish about them, havent been brave enough to try!
  • I only experience problems on offroad descents.

  • The premium sunnies (or plain with lenses) like Oakley, Adidas Climacool etc are designed for this. Sundog are cheaper and apparently just as good. Cycle shops are probably better to ask than runner shops, all cyclists wear cool shades and they don't seem to slip off...
  • I've emailed Oakley UK to ask about prescription lenses as they've on the USA site but don't seem to be on the UK site. I have my beady eye on a pair of Radar Paths...
  • Basil Brush - I have an irregular astigmatism too so I can't wear contacts - I may as well wear nothing at all (on my eyes that is... image). Why has nobody invented windscreen wipers for glasses yet?!
  • I have very poor eyesight, with astigmatism, and you can get contact lenses that correct this.  They stay the same way up somehow or other.  What you need are toric lenses.

    I use Boots sunglasses, and they are light and don't slip or bounce (and don't cost nearly as much as Oakleys).

    Be brave barking, once you'd tried them you'll never look back (so to speak!).

  • Yup, my optician mentioned toric lenses - but still didn't recommend them for me, as she said they would still not give me the "perfect" vision that my specs give me. Guess I'm just awkward image
  •  I have got quite severe astigmatism but only use the ordinary contacts,I did try the special ones for astigmatism and they were really good but i found them harder to get out.
  • I have the running in rain/steaming up problem too!

    Do have contacts, but mainly wear them for nights out as 1/ they're too much bother 2/ quite like how I look in glasses (at work anyway) 3/ don't fully correct my eyesight/astigmatism 4/ prone to conjunctivitis and ocular shingles - however, I am planning on wearing them on my first 10k in may - I'm hoping that not having perfect vision won't  really matter - as long as I can still see the hordes in front of meimageimage

  • I have poor eyesight and astigmatism

    I wear monthly conacts and while the vision is not as good as wearing glasses (and appraently never is??)   its good enough for most things

    I also have sundog sunnies and they are the dogs danglies


  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    My eyesight is bad enough (-10 or thereabouts with a mild astigmatism thrown in) that it isn't great with glasses unless I'm looking right through the centre of the lenses and it's hard to get contact lenses in exactly the right prescription (certainly for the monthlies I use they don't get made in small increments, i.e. there are 9.5s and 10s but no 9.75s, etc.) but vanity wins and so it's contacts almost all the time (except when I lurk around at home and no-one else sees me!).  It's nice to be able to look sideways/up/down without having to move my head, too.
  • Hm, not heard of toric lenses, I may ask about them and see if I can get them for occasional use. I wouldn't mind so much about having perfect vision if I just wore them for racing, say.

    I love my glasses to pieces, especially my brand new (expensive) designer pair, I'd never want contacts full time, but then I wouldn't want to fall in a pot hole and break them either image

  • Depends on what sort of astigmatism and what sort of lenses.

    Last time I investigated (about a year ago), daily disposable lenses were only available for astigmatism on a horizontal or vertical axis.  Other wonkiness (like I've got) means you have to stick to monthly lenses, which are much less convenient because you need to have cleaning solution, cases etc, or compromise on the vision.

    Things keep moving on though.  Even the existing toric daily disposables have only been around a few years I think, so it would be worth asking your optician.

    Of course there are other considerations such as whether your short- or long-sighted.  If you're long-sighted, lenses are never going to give you vision as good as a pair of glasses can.  And for some people, they just don't work at all.

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