Running with glasses



  • I wear glasses all of the time (can't see a damned thing without them.)image

    I seem to spend half the time pushing them back up my nose when running, and they steam up when it rains!

    Just part of the fun of being a runner!image

  • I can't stand wearing my glasses when I'm doing any excercise. I've worn contacts for years. You will never be able to see as well with lenses but it's fine for running and stuff. Some toric lenses are a nightmare to get in and out and tend to fall off your finger when you go to put them in as they aren't as sticky.

     I've got some battered old oakly shades that I run in and they don't budge. I think they are the straight jacket type so aren't even proper 'sports' ones.

    Basil Brush Mrk II. I'm sure one of my mates got prescription Oaklys from an independent optician. Let me check and I'll get back to you. It would have been in Worcester but I'm sure other places throughout the country must do the same thing.

  • Here you go

    Not sure if they'll let you order the prescription ones online though.

  • Wicked, thanks Bimbo! I'm not too far from Worcester myself, actually, so that's great.
  • No problem
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Adidas do some (mine might be called Gazelle) where you can get a removable prescription insert (so you can then take it out if you're wearing lenses or someone else uses the specs).  Not cheap that I remember but do the job for me.
  • hello

    my mum got me some lovely 'one size fits all' running sunnies from Aldi! They have three different interchanegable lenses for different light conditions. It's worth looking out for them as they are cheap and aldi are flogging some great running stuff in store right now. I love their leggings

  • SammylikesMod

    I pleased you found a Sport Glasses with differnt 3 lenses and you can get one from your nearest sport club and get 10% Off if you join a club?

    Those Glassess good for running in woods like Isle of Wright 2009?

    Well Done 

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