last LSR

yippee, the very last long run is done, it is only taper from now on. Bye-bye LSR


  • One year on, and just finished my last slow long run of the season, what a relieve. I will get my weekends back. Bye bye Kew Bridge (until next year, that is) image

    On a different note, I feel so sorry for my hubby, who tore his calf muscle 2 weeks ago. It seemed to be getting better so he tried to run on it on Friday, but it went again. He trained for London Marathon throughout the whole winter, and now at the last minute he will have to pull out. 

  • Good Luck Edith for VLM!!!! Hope you beat last years time.

    BTW, I remember you from another forum, I think you're the same person??!

  • Thanks Boosh,

    I frequent a forum about fashion and bags (my other hobby), if that's what you meant.

  • Yep, that's the one!! Not sure if you remember me, but I had entered for VLM thru the ballot, but didnt get a place image

    How's your training been? What kind of mileage do you clock up every week?

  • Not sure, unless you are the one whose husband threatened (joked) to enter her. I haven't been to that forum for a while, actually my new years resolution was to avoid that forum as I seemed to spend my entire life there image

    Sorry you didn't get in, I know it sucks. Now I get in through the GFA system every year, but for my hubby it's a constant disappointment to get rejected year after year. I don't do lots of mileage, it's ranging from 26M -  34M a week. I try and balance my "running" life with my other hobbies ( a girl needs some time to do some serious shopping, lol)

  • Hi Everyone,

    Good to see you are clocking up about the same mileage as me Edith.

     I have had an injury etc which really set me back and now keep suffering with Stiff leg syndrome!! Most annoying.  It hit me at 15 miles on Saturday (which is my longest run to date).  I found that the stiff legs were not so bad on my other 13 mile runs previously.  One of them was a half marathon event which I found I ran faster which seems to help for some reason.

    As you can imagine I am very nervous about the big day and am starting to doubt my ability to run on the day.  Unfortunately I am having to just do a 2 week taper as I want to try and get a 18 mile run in this weekend to see how I fair before the big day.

     Words of confidence from anyone would be most appreciated!! Am so frustrated with myself.  My poor little body is not coping with the fatigue at all! image 

  • Maisiemay,

    I am not sure about your leg stiffness, but running 18M next w/e and having only 2 weeks taper seems OK, just don't push too hard so you can recover quicker. 

    I noticed that the adrenalin at race day always makes the race actually easier than the training itself. If it's your first marathon, just take it easy and the atmosphere and the crowds will carry you through the course. 

  • Thanks Edith....I am hoping that the crowds carry me through for at least an extra 5 miles, don't mind if I have to walk a few miles at the end.

     Feeling a little rough today, not been getting enough sleep recently, feel like I could fall asleep at my desk and not ever run again but I know that a run is in order tonight!

     Good luck all

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