Calf Pain???????

Hi All

I have a pain running right up the middle of my right calf, does anyone know what is there that can be injured?, whats it called?, and what treatment/stretches i could do to help this?.



  • Sorry to hear about your injury Andy, is the same injury you got last year?

    Have you seen a physio at all?

  • Andy,
    Tell me more.
    When does the pain come on, when running, walking or all of the time.
    How did it start.
    Does it hurt to touch.
  • Hi Jenks

    No its not tyhe same as last year, i seem to find a new one each year. I'm still continuing to run, i have seen a physio, but that didn't help so i may have to go back.

  • Hi Pizza Man

    The pain is there all the time, but its gets worse the more time i spend on my feet. It started off as just stiff calfs, i wouldn't say it hurts to touch, but i can feel it through the middle of the calf. At the moment i'm trying loads of stretches and kneeling in a cold bath for 5 minutes every day.

  • 3 years ago I pulled both my calf muscles at different times. Due to this I sought professional help. It was found that I had 1 leg slightly longer than the other and I whad orthotics made. The injuries kept away until I did the Wilmslow half and I got another slight pull. The main problem I seem to have developed is that I get very sore feet after 6 miles and end up with black toenails at the end of the race. Any body have any ideas why.
  • Paul,

    I too suffer from recurant calf tears on both legs. I've seen 4 physios, 2 podiatrists and 1 sports medicine practioner. Oh, and yes I have orthotics. I seem to go through periods where I run well for 4 months and then tear a calf muscle this repairs and then the other will go whilst out on an easy run.

    The sore toes and black toenails are down to your footwear and are fairly easy to put right. What do you wear?
  • Andy, if you've still got your problems now I would seek proffessional advice.
  • Paul, I'd agree with Piza Man, black toe nails is likely to be connected to your shoes. You need about the width of your thimb between the tip of the longest toe and the end of the shoe (bear in mind that one foot is usulally bigger than the other). Also, if you do not lace tighly enough then it is possible for your foot to slide forwards as you run. I was advised by a running shope to use the top most lace holes as this helps to prevent this as well.
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