Can anyone suggest UK events with marathon and other distances at same time?

Our running club is looking to do a club marathon next year, but a lot of our members wouldn't want to do a marathon so we are trying to find somewhere where people can compete in a marathon or shorter distances; perhaps a relay, half marathon or 10K. 

I know about the Robin Hood Festival of Running, but wondered if anyone knew of any other events that might suit us. 

Thank you.


  • Dartmoor Vale, Newton Abbot has a marathon, half and 10K held together. This year's is October 18th, website says entries open from April but weren't open when I last looked.
  • The Luton marathon (usually early December) you can do relays in teams.

  • The mablethorpe festival of running has a marathon, half marathon and 10k on the same day. Nice day out on the coast!

    Unfortunately it isn't being run this year, but should be back next year.

  • Duchy in early March has a 20 and a full marathon.
  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    Why restrict yourselves to the UK?  Amsterdam has a mara, half mara, and 7.5k all on the same day.

    Easyjet over for the weekend!

  • Great ideas here.  Thanks!   There are loads of choices around that I had no idea about.  Need to get my research head on now...

    Wilkie - the club has done Amsterdam in the past, but so many of us work in schools now that we felt it may be a little difficult to get back from abroad and to school the next day. 

  • Wolverhampton H M & FM September

     Bungay HM & FM - Very soon ??

     Taunton HM & FM - just gone

    Shakespeare HM & FM 26 April

    Boddington - Ultra 2.2 mile loops  - Very soon

    I'll keep thinking

  • loch ness marathon - 10k at the same time! in october.
  • Leicester HM & FM - October ish

  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭

    Last Saturday I ran in the `Bolt Around The Holt 21Km" - they also held 5 Km & 10 Km races starting 5 & 10 mins later - different colour race numbers.

    it was a 5 Km trial course - the 21Km runners did a `special loop`.

    I thought the whole event was great - good numbers too. A bit for everyone. 

    Could / would I want to do 8 laps....image  maybe not this year

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