Water carriers

Can anyone recommend a water carrier where the bottle doesn't bounce about whilst running or are the hand held things best.Cheers.


  • try a bladder bumbag style such as those offered by Camelbak or Inov8 - they don't bounce as much and if you suck all the air out, don't slosh either
  • Thanks.
  • Nathan bottle belts. Only bounce around  if the belt is loose in my experience!
  • i bought a camel back last year..........it sat in the cupboard unused..........until 4 weeks ago!- tried it out on a longish off -road run- the best thing i have ever bought!- would never go back to carrying a bottle in my hand or round my waist- hardly know its there!!!image
  • I had same experience with water bottles bouncing about but did not want to carry anything in my hand so I bought a camel back,same result as luan999 great.I have used it on my long runs and have had no problems with it.Light to carry and easy to use,only my opinion but worth a try.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Consider a fuel belt. The bottles don't bounce at all. Available from tri outlets in the UK and often on fleabay.
  • got a nathan belt as well. They are very good and you just don't notice you've got one. The advantage of a bladder pack though is you can carry more fluid.

    I'm thinking of getting an Inov8 for >20 milers as you can also carry a bit more stuff with you.

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