Knee ache - tendinitis??

Helpful advice gladly sort..

During my last few runs I have devolped a ache behind the (right) knee - if the back of knee was a clockface then I guess the ache is about 4.00 / 5.00 o`clock.

This ache is only present when I run more than a couple of miles. The ache is not present when I walk. I tend to over- stride when I run & I have tried to change this to a shorter stride when I run recently & to a lend from the ankles - maybe this is having an effect & I`m replacing my 350 mile + trainers today.

I think I have may have inflamed one of the tendons - is REST & ibuprofen the only treatment.

I`m running about 115 miles a month - 3 to 4 runs a week, also I have been entering a number of races recently & down for a 10 miler this Friday - after then I will rest...I promise.


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