Pirate spotting



  • i did 2:24:41 // jc did 2:30:45 // sandbagger steve ( foggy) did 2:23:49

    results are up already at racetimingsystems web site

    what you get plum?


  • There was a lady in pirate kit too.

  • Running Postie - she got 2:43:32

  •  imageimage just about to confess my time. Twas a bit blowy out there! I think it was JC digger that I high fived on the run. There was some fab support for the Pirates, it did make me smile. When I finished some random came up to me and said that the skull and crossbow was a good target to chase! and no she didn't catch meimage

  • Running - yeah that was me you high fived, DK told me you was out on the course, it certainly was windy wasnt it

  • I did 2.31 but copped a 2 min draft penalty as well.....but unfair imho but rules is rules.


    also saw a couple of Pirates at Lakeside sprint this morning as part of my double header.............. did the run leg of the relay there

  • could have been me sporting a running cap wearing number 159, oakleys and pirate monaco... were you my very enthusiastic supporter during the run? (well and actually as I came in on the bike too!) - if it was you, you were very lovely and your suppot brightened my day

  • I only did the relay run leg but it was enough after racing yesterday..................we won though so worth the pain..... 

  • wow great result Plum and after yesterday's efforts too... i'm waiting for results to be posted on website tomorrow hopefully

  • well done Plum

  • Saffers was in the background of a video clip shown on East Midlands Today news feature on the Outlaw at 10.40pm last night
  • This thread might go into meltdown when the C4 Outlaw show is on.
  • well i saw fu**ing load of pirates over the weekend......image

  • Special note of thanks to OC for somw swim tips at weekend...

  • err - I was drunk for a lot of it... sorry if I talked bo**ocks

    More importantly,are you ok?

  • Still a bit "out of tune" but OK cheers. 

  • quite gutted when i heard you dropped mate - i never did get a kebab, now you are making me hungry. rest up mate - theres always more events 


  • +1 for feeling gutted for Dusty.  If you ever need a Sherpa for your next one ... I'll cut down your faffage time in transition and it would be a pleasure to shout back at you for a change!!  image

  • followed a 58 plate peugeot yesterday in warrington sporting a pirate sticker in the rear window, did flash lights but they obviously thought we were wierdos as they speeded up lol, was in red audi and waving and smiling like gimps image

  • Might have been Viking. Think he has a Pug
  • thats what I thought but couldnt see as he drove off so quickly lol

  • Iron Rose wrote (see)

    thats what I thought but couldnt see as he drove off so quickly lol

    I really dont blame him    image

  • Tootling down Chiswick High Road on my way to Holly's for an Olympic weekend with Hope & Garr and the Funkins and Mouse

    Stopped at some lights and spotted pirate shorts!!

    Missed knocking an Orange Cannon off his bike several times image
  • At first I wondered why somad car driver was gesticulating madly...... then I saw it was Meldy!

  • Went to Yorkshire for a week and drove around a bit. Only saw Emma once out on the bike training. Maybe she has backed off training a bit or maybe I was unlucky!

    300 miles from home and I shout - I know that girl on that bike she's a Pirate. Kids well impressed, missus wasn't image


  • Currently watching the Ch4 footage. Have seen Podds and.others; too many to mention image
  • Who was that devilish handsome chap at the pirate feed station, on the CH4 coverage?




    Oh yes it was me!


  • I thought it was Jordy
  • image. to Dave's comment!!
  • image Taped it and not watched it yet but I throught Jordy was the only one of us blokes who hadn't been hit by the ugly stick? image

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