Pirate spotting



  • That'll be Mixed Grill, me wife. I was there too but only had pirate water bottles and buff

  • I tried to say hello but was just approaching the finish and could barely manage a grunt of "Pirate"! The run nearly killed me.

  • Just wondering how the pirate at the slateman went on today with his run of bad luck  he was three punctures down on the bike.   I threw him a spare tube hope all was well to get him back 

  • Pirate swimming hat seen in Much Wenlock swimming pool this morning while I was waiting for the start of the Wenlock half marathon.

  • Norma, he was rescued by St Johns in the day and lives to fight another day! We won't make him walk the plank just yet and thank you for your support image

  • any time 

  • I kept an eye out for Pirates up at Keswick over the weekend...

    Did wear my Outlaw / Pirate buff, but was in club kit for the weekends events
  • Bless you Norma. All good now...Just feel a bit stupid really. DM me your bank details so I can reimburse you. Thanks again and you are definitely in credit with the Tri Karma gods!
  • Did I recently see a pirate OW swimming At Kingsbury Waterski Centre aka Cliff Lake Water Park?
  • Iron Ant wrote (see)

    Pirate swimming hat seen in Much Wenlock swimming pool this morning while I was waiting for the start of the Wenlock half marathon.

    Hi Iron Ant that was me trying to get rid of the very bad hangover! Hope the HM went well thats a hard course!

  • Female pirate spotted on Sunday riding through Barton-on-the-Heath (not far from Chipping Norton), probably doing the sportive that was going on at the time.

  • Possibly Lumpty? She was doing the Cotswold Crank up on Sunday.  

  • No worries it's a big time ??4.99 I'm sure the worlds not going to end glad you was all good
  • PapermanPaperman ✭✭✭

    Who was the lady wearing the pirate baseball cap who was marshalling the dismount line in the rain at the Mallory Park kids tri in Leicestershire on Sunday? Never got a chance to say hello - dealing with a "not quite hypothermic but we're getting there" son! Thanks anyway.

  • I think that might have been EvilPixie, Paperman image

  • I saw three pirates racing Grafman today.

    You all.looked so happy and running well.

  • I was one of the three at Grafman. Despite the crappy weather (which slowed me on the bike a little) I did it in marginally below 5 hours, which I was well chuffed with.

    It's a great race, and the pirate support was much appreciated.

  • I was the pirate bringing up the rear and Running Postie was the one just in front of me (despite starting 10 minutes behind me).

    Odd how your auto-correct changed "wet" to "happy", thanks for the support out there, thought it was a brilliant event even with the grotty weather on the bike.

  • Spotted a 10th anniversary pirate tshirt running with us for a few miles at GHM. 

  • Swimming cat that could have been lumpty at Kingsbury, she often swims there, and Lumpty was at the Cotswolds CFC sportive too cheerful Dave, she does get around image

  • Booo...I had a 11th anniversary hoodie on before the race  image


     saw a few pirates there  :image)



  • yes, thank you! swimming cat for the awesome Pirate support. TBH, I didn't expect any and was taken aback when the kids were shouting on us too! Nice to meet you Dr NM, albeit briefly...roll on Outlaw

  • Was nice to see some pirates in the wild.

    And was a good talking point whilst supporting. You guys did.great.
  • 1 x pirate finishing the bike leg of the LCW at around 2.30 and another about 30 mins after, I was about 20m before the finish line if you heard me cheering! Didn't see either of them on the run but I was pretty slow! Great course though, considering heading down for the whole event next year!

  • A triumvate of Pirates having a chat spotted in the LCW highlights video at the start of the Bike leg, including DaylightR

  • LCW also there was Posh Twat, M&M's and myself, not seen the video though.


  • IGIT i suspect the pirates you saw finishing were firstly Sunnysiderphil and then myself. We were in the vid at the start with Daylight. I do recall hearing the sound of a 'Go Pirate' just before the end. Cheers.

  • sat quietly drinking in the lakes on Friday night when not one but three pirates role by at the start of the UTLD 100 race.  Congratulations to DK and of course Seren and Terry ( is that 3 pirates?)image.   105 miles of tough hills , half of which nearly killed me , respect!

  • Very Piratey guts and determination spotted and being demonstrated by AlexH at Ocean Lava!!

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