Tri Magazines

Are they really useful?

I mean should I part with my cash for them every month????

Go on be honest, besides bike porn what do you get out of yours?


  • not a lot I don't already know but kit reviews are useful and some of the more technical articles are interesting if irrelevant to me as I CBA to change now
  • so which one do you buy?
  • 220 is OK but after youve read it a year all the articles get recycled .....

    Some of the ads are good and the race info is interesting but you can find that all on-line. 

    US Triathlete mag is way better but costly now the exchange rates gone to the dogs....

      The other new ones are really weak right now 

  • I subscribe to 220 but as yet haven't seen any of the 2 new tri ones as a) I don't get RW so missed the freebie and b) local shops are shite and don't stock them (or 220 for that matter). I killed my RW subs 'cos that mag got plain dull, and 220 is going the same way although there's more stuff to lust over than just running stuff!

    US Triathlete is much better but not easy to get over here - some of the French ones are also good although I've only seen a couple so that may be novelty factor making me think they are good rather than just the same crap with a different lingo!!
  • we get the US one and it's pretty interesting, I like it.
  • triathlon Mag from USA is pretty good and including delivery works out as cheap (if not cheaper!) than the 220.
  • We also get triathlete form the US. Picked it up on GFB's kitchen table one day and subscribed after seeing how much better than 220 it is. Works out way cheaper than 220 to Ireland. Only frustration is seeing an add for some bling and not being able to get it shipped here.
  • Sorry if this thread has been killed already-but i got reading the new triathlete Plus yesterday and although i was skeptical it was quite a good read and i think feels like it is has more info geared towards the beginner/intermediate than 220 which could be seen as a strength or a weakness...i used to subscribe to RW and running fitness but then realised that there isn't much new info and aside from race listings,new kit tests and the occasional race report i much prefer to lust after tri kit in an ideal world i would subscribe to RW,Triathlete Plus (TP), and 220...
  • I dont think theyre worth it in terms of advice, there is nothing you cant find out here.

    If you fancy a magazine to read to pass the time or want to dribble over some new bling kit they are ok.
  • I do prefer Triathlete mag - so much more to read than the British ones. Was cheap to subscribe last year - but this year - its not really worth it.

    Although June is the swimsuit issue - may go to Borders soon...
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    it's worth subscribing to T+ at the mo as you can get a decent pair of Rudy Project shades if you do.......

    have seen one issue of T+ and it's not bad but not hugely different to 220. not seen the RW equivalent yet
  • yeah the americans do seem to be better at flaunting the swimsuits...race you to borders Cougie!
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