Clowne Half-Marathon

For all you runners out there make sure you enter the this years Clowne 1/2 Marathon. This is a gold graded race by BARR. With it being our 25th race we expect the 700 max. to be filled well before race day. This year we have a tee shirt for all of those who finish. It's an undulating course but many runners do get personal bests. So don't delay and we all look forward to seeing you on the 29th November.



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    I will be entering soon   as I missed last year   as I had broke my ankle at the time   but now running again    and training for the fleetwood mararthon 

    yours is a great course    and glad of the showers after

    doing sheffield at the end of month

  • Will defo enter again - 3 years now.

    Request : not a t-shirt, please! I've got a wardrobe full of t-shirts that I don't wear, but the laser etched glass block last year is shown pride of place!

    Oh, and can we have bottled water - i'd pay another 50p entry for this alone!


    You can now enter on line, glad to hear you're back running. Did you have a good run at Sheffield?


    We've almost run out of ideas now for memento's so a tee shirt was the obvious choice. It's a coolmaz and not the fruit of the loom you usually get. There great for training and last forever.

    If it helps, I have a couple of glass blocks left if you really want one. Bottled water is being sourced but proving difficult.

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    great race   got 1h39  and was happy with that    wish I could have been at your race last year   sheffield hot  race

    doing Leeds a week on sunday

  • Is this race any good for beginners who may take a while or is it just for the speedy amongst us?


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    its for anyone  who wants to do   it  not many hills and more flat bits  but good turn out at this race

  • fab It seems like a good one to aim for haven't run since flm 3 years ago and desperate to get going again!
  • Might give this one a crack!
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    missed it last year   due to been stuck at home with factured ankle
  • HI LISA,

    We welcome runners of all standards, young, old, fast and not so fast.

  • hi michael, a fractured toe seems a reasonable excuse to me, just make sure you stay trouble free for the 25th Clowne 1/2. It's going to be a good one.

  • I think i'll go for this good excuse for  a weekend in the peaks. thanks guys


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    it was my ankle

    but now  going great     ran Eyam half in 1h45  and Buxton in 1h43   so going good   entered the anglsey mararthon

    will be my 4th full one

    I did Blackpool 3 times   2004/5/6   2005 was that very hot one

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    going to be entering this at weekend   just love it  these tough half mararthons
  • Is it really tough? I `ll decide after Freckleton.
    Persuade me as to why Clowne is worth adding!
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    not that tough   just a few little hills   but a long road bit at mile 11 and 12

    it runs into the countryside  really good route

  • I have entered - it will be my first time at Clowne and I'm looking forward to it although anything close to 2 hours will be good for me
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    it is a good race    support at start and finish is great      going to enter shortly

  • Did this one last year and enjoyed it, also quite local to me so it looks like i'll be doing it again.

    See you all there image

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    yes it is a good race in the countryside  the start next to the old railway is great
  • Still undecided. This one or Worksop? I heard that this one has some long dull drags of road whereas at least Worksop has Clumber Park - ?
  • Ran it last year, my first half marathon, bit nippy as I recall. Nice route, last two miles tests ones resolve a bit. I'm sure we had bottled water last year by the way. As for the Worksop one, my plan is to do both, quite slowly. Oh, and a little less gunpowder in the Clowne starting gun would be nice.
  • This will be my 3rd year in a row. It's a great event as the hills are manageable. I remember two, 1 being a pretty tough climb about midway before you enter a few villages and the last 2 miles along the side of the road.

    It's a friendly, well marshalled course with water and sponges which are very welcome.

  • This was my first half and I thouroughly enjoyed the challenge it presented, i'd say it is quite a hilly course. I found it quite tough, particularly the long hill  ( about 1mile long) at about mile 10 that lead to the long roadside drag others have refered to. That drag was made particularly hard by the strong cold head wind prevalent on the day.

     I have to agree about the memento, I got the laser block which i thought was fantastic, so much better than the medals and t shirts i've since had at other events. It showed real imagination on the part of the organisers for which they should be congratulated. It was a well organised event

    It was bottled water last year, perhaps the down side of that is the waste involved, the bottles are half litre and look how many are thrown away with a fraction of the contents consumed.

     I will be back this year

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    I'm trying to decide between this and the Keyworth Turkey Trot on the 13th Dec. I did this last year and really enjoyed it (despite the freezing conditions), but the Turkey Trot also sounds interesting - any thoughts anyone?Hopefully they'll have bottled water again this year as plastic cups are always a nightmare - but they should use the smaller sized bottles similar to that used at the Robin Hood on SundayI agree with the comments on last year's paper weight - mine still sits proundly on my desk. Unfortunately I think they're doing t-shirts this year
  • We've organised 330ml bottles of water  with sports tops this year at great cost ot ourselves. After 25 years the only thing we had not done was a tee shirt. This is not one of the cheap ones that go out of shape the first time it's washed. After all there's only so many lazer etched paper weights you can have on your desk!!
  • I've just signed up for this. It's going to be my first half-marathon as well! I only started running in January, I've come a long way since then though. My longest run so far has been ~12 miles, that was in the summer and was a bit stop-start.

     Lewis, speaking as a new-ish runner i like getting t-shirts. It's nice to slowly swap out the old XXL shirts i've been using as they are a bit "tent-like" on the new slimline me.

    Fingers crossed for nice running weather on the day...

  • were booked to run this  ( Again ) image

    it is a superb event -

  • hello everyone

    thinking of doing this..not done a half or a road race for ages..been doing ultras and off road marathons.. but want to get a bit of speed back into my running..8 weeks or so to go..should be able to get enough track and tempos in the meantime

    hello are you guys?

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