think i'm gonna pack this running lark in - fed up!

ok, am proper fed up today. I've been running on and off for years. In last year, I've been running regularly, did a half marathon in Feb (2hr 23mins) and finally got the guts up to join a running club about 6/7 wks ago. I did my first race with them last week (5 miles - 50mins) and have my first 10K race next weekend.

 However, I am about 4 stone overweight and despite my best efforts and all sorts of diets have not lost a single pound (although I have toned up a lot and dropped a dress size through running). Fact is that I'm just too heavy, I feel so slow and look so HUGE compared to everyone else, even though I'm trying so hard I just can't go any faster cos I'm just so heavy.

Just got back from a 6mile run today on my own and my next door neighbour came out and said jokingly 'ooo, you're not built for running are you? you should just stop trying and accept your body shape' (cue me walking inside and bursting into tears!) question really is...has anyone stopped running, lost some weight and then tried again?

I'm thinking I'm gonna join Weight Watchers (again!) and do a different exercise, swimming/gym and then maybe try running again in 6/12mths when hopefully i'll be a bit lighter and it might be a bit easier.

Just wondered if anyone has had similar experiences? 



  • Hi there ploddinglady

    Don't give up if it's something you enjoy!!!  (If you actually don't enjoy running anyway, ignore what I'm about to say - yes, you might be better finding something you enjoy doing.  But I suspect you do enjoy it!).

    2:23 for hm and 50min 10k is very respectable - whatever size you are or are not.  So you should be proud of that to start with.

    Are the running club people welcoming?  If they are then who cares what you think you look like - if they don't appear to be bothered then why should you?  Some skinny minnies that I know that run would LOVE to do a 2:23 half marathon!  I think runners are notoriously accepting of all shapes and sizes - it's how hard you are trying that they bother about.  If your running club is genuinely judgemental (and not just that you're a bit paranoid image) then I'd suggest a different running club is the answer.  6/7 weeks isn't much time for the effects of a running club to kick in - at least give it the summer season to see what happens?

    And your neighbour is just ignorant.  You should have told him/her that they should just accept that they are rude, obnoxious and don't have a clue what they are talking about and therefore bog off.

    And if you haven't lost weight WHILST running, aren't you worried that not running means you'll just put more on?  You'd have to do quite a lot of swimming/gym to burn the same number of running calories?  Maybe it's a matter of looking more judiciously at your calorie intake than the exercise.  I'd say, go down the WW route but keep the running up.

    Good luck whatever you decide - but please don't just give up running coz of the worries you have outlined!

  • You're story rings very true with me.  I needed to get fit (for my job) so I joined the gym and lost 3 stone over 9 months.  I couldn't even run for a bus coz I was too heavy so thought I'd lose some weight first before even attempting to run.  At the gym I'd do bike, cross-trainer, weights finished by crunches and eventually lost the weight.  I sought advice from my gym instructor as I was now confident enough to try running.  In 10 months I've gone from running 2 mins on a treadmill to doing 10 mile the other day.  I struggled though as I am heavy set and cannot seem to increase speed.   The thing is I've not lost any weight in the last 10 months, if anything my thighs are even chunkier.   I would say I'm still one and half stone overweight.  I'm thinking of knocking the running on the head for a bit and trying something else.  One downside to running is I'm finding I'm always hungry and therefore eating more.

  • Running is one of the best ways to support weight loss!

    What do your runs "look like" now? Are they all long & steady, or short hard intervals - type sessions?

    The latter is the best way for a fast weight loss result (but not to make you a long term better runner!)

    Happy to give some sessions suggestions if you want to try it
  • ((ploddinglady))

    who cares what size you are?

    You are out there running and that's what it is about.

    What an awful thing for you neighbour to say. How utterly thoughtless...but you are doing it for YOU not her.

    I'm sure your running will get easier if you lose a little weight - but it'll also get easier with time and increased fitness. And as you can run a little further and a little faster the weight may start to come off too. Don't give up. Combine it with WW if that would help.

    and, as pointed out above, those times are pretty good actually. Another reason not to give up!

  • Candy Ollier, I wouldn't mind taking you up on some suggestions.  My runs are slow and steady and although I've increased the distance, that takes it out of me and I don't have the energy to get any faster.  I could do with losing the weight.image
  • I agree with all above (except PC).  Firstly your neighbour is probably jealous. Secondly I am jealous of your race times.

    I use WW to loose weight and it is great if I stick to it so go for it; however keep running too. I run quite a lot so allow myself a couple fo extra points on my running days to fuel my runs. I do get hungry through running, but remember increased muscle mass increases your ongoing calorie burn throughout the day.

    There are lots of articles on here about running and weight loss and what sessions work best so have a read of them. Don't give up the running, just use WW to control portion sizes and try and lose the weight slowly and sensibly, that way it will stay off.

    Good Luck.

  • I suspect that you are feeling very upset from the comments that your neighbour made to you.Does he or she run themselves?  I would assume that they probably made the comment to you out of pure jealousy. I think that you are achieving some good running times keep at it.As some of the others have pointed out there is no other exercise better for getting rid of the calories than running.Have you tried using the Nike+ sportsband its ony £40 and great for motivation.
  • Hi ploddinglady,

    Don't give up! I truly believe that running is the best way to stay in shape and it sounds like your neighbour's tactless and unhelpful comments have just compounded the fact that you feel you aren't getting anywhere.  You've mentioned that you've toned up and dropped a dress size through running...I think that's a great achievement and you should focus on that and not how much you weigh. Isn't it a great feeling when your clothes feel a little loser?! Your running times are really respectable and I bet you don't look huge it's just how you feel at the moment.  It's such a shame about what your neighbour said, but it is a reflection of them and not you; he/she is simply jealous that you have the ability/drive/motvation/determination to get out there and run 6 miles.  Not many people can do that. I really hope you carry on. (swimming is good but you need to do quite alot of it to achieve same results as running...)

  • Hi ploddinglady

    Definitely do not give up! Your times for the hm and 5 miles are very respectable.  As for your neighbour - well what is there to say about someone so obnoxious that hasnt already been said!  Just smile and ignore her.   I dont think you should beat yourself up about getting faster - the more pressure you put on yourself to get faster the less likely it is to happen.  I have been running for 4 years and am running my first london marathon this year - I doubt if I will finish in less than 5 hours but I do know I will enjoy it.  If you aren't enjoying the running at all then may be you should look at something else but I think you maybe need to look at your diet and get some advice about the foods you are eating.  I am not saying you are eating the wrong things or too much but  it is amazing what a difference it can make to your energy levels.  I hope you keep it up but dont put yourself under pressure enjoy the running.

  • Don't give up!   you'll only be proving the prat of a neighbour right. Do NOT do that!

    I have had that remark (not built for running) said to me and have to say it's usually made by non runners........????

    I am not sure why they say it but I suspect it's ignorance rather than sensible ignore it.

    Running is the best thing for losing weight (if you're eating sensibly)

    You run better than many people - don't give that away by giving up. It will be harder to come back to........not easier.

    Candy is offering some sessions to improve your speed  - take advice and change your training to improve your speed. Giving up to 'lose weight' and come back faster is illogical.

  • Ploddinglady

    you sound quite down in yourself and very sensitive to what others say. If you really genuinely dont like running -pack it in! If it is about self confidence and self consciousness work on them and continue running in spite of others.Is you neighbour so important to you?  Others will think a million and one things about you no matter what you do or dont do-like it or not. 

    Take pride in what you have acheived -give yourself credit and value.  Go for speedwork if you want but dont expect improvement each and everyday. Accept setbacks and relish in your victories however little.

    it has gotta be for you (and you matter you know).

  • As the others have said, 10 minute miling is not actually slow, and many skinny minnies would be happy to complete 5 miles in 50 minutes, so I hope you do stick with it. I have to say, I seem to need to run quite a few miles a week to actually lose weight, but it does keep my weight stable, and I too have got more toned.

    Some people are just plain rude! Good luck.

  • i say keep going you need to pat yourself on the back     the other % of population dont get off the sofa i tend to find myself going through periods of putting on weight and not losing it now  but at other times it just drops off me
  • yeh weight is a funny thing. I cxan go yonks without losing an ounce, then I lose some and then I stop again.  I would chuck the scales, continue on your build up and buy some more in six months (or better go to a set in the chemist in 6 months)..

    you times seem good to me. Large pat on back eh?

  • Its just your neighbour trying to make himself feel better that he doesnt run. The sad f*cker.

    You keep at it !
  • Don't give up on the running now.  Your 1/2 time and the fact you've just done a 6-miler is pretty amazing.  A lot of people struggle to get off the couch.  If you're planning to change your diet and lose weight, running will tie in with that so well.  It might be a good idea to contact an organisation such as  These are 2 off-road running blokes, whose workshop I recently went to.  They have a lot of knowledge about nutrition for running.  Good luck with everything.  image

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Keep at it PL, you're times are good but make it something you enjoy and certainly tell your neighbour to poke it.  What a horrible thing for them to say. Good luck image
  • thanks all so much, have read everyone's comments and do feel a bit better about my running.

    Have had a good think about it all today and think maybe cos I've started running with the club and really pushing myself, plus the fact that I don't eat much (i know that doesn't make sense) and don't drink enough has just made me exhausted!

    The club are fantastic people, very supportive and encouraging. When I ran on my own I only ever did long, slow flat runs. With the club I do shorter (4/5mile) faster run with loads of hills - the hills are killing me, maybe i'm pushing myself too much. I've been so knackered from my mid week runs with the club that I've not been going on my own at all at weekend.

    You are all correct about my neighbour. He is a middle aged man and knows nothing about exercise of any kind. To be fair to him, I think he was trying to be nice cos he continued on to tell me that men like 'women with meat on them' and how he hopes I'm not flogging myself to death 'just to be thin' cos I'm fine as I am etc etc...but yes, as you have all said, I'd spent the hour of the run feeling very sorry for myself and feeling fat, huge, slow and useless and his remarks were just the last straw. As I came up the drive his first words were 'do you eat a lot?'....WTF??

    Anyway, him aside (cos he's irrelevant really), have decided I'm just gonna give myself a week off running this week and just have a rest. Am gonna really try and change my diet and start drinking some water and change my mindset.

    At the end of the day, I can always just tone down the runs and just go once a week for the company.

    thank you all - this forum is great! 

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    I remember asking my other half what the difference between the runners at the front of the pack and me.

    He thought about it, sucked his teeth a little and replied "well they're all taller than you."

    The funerals next week. When's your neighbours?

  • PL, It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks or says about your running. Nothing happens. But it is hurtful and the number of 'comments' I've had from so-called non-running friends has made me question my ability many times. "You looked like you were struggling / dying / not too good" etc.

    I'm not in a club and don't race, so you're way more confident than me yet I'm still running.

    Have a week off, then get back out there image

  • In my running group we have members of all shapes and sizes, and it just doesn't matter whether someone is a skinny minnie or carrying a few pounds (or stone) - we're all out there in the same boat, doing our best.

    Running is a great exercise for weight loss because it burns calories and boosts your metabolism, but it needs to be in conjunction with dietary control.  When I trained for my first marathon  I thought the weight would fall off me because I was running so much, but it didn't.  I was so hungry all the time, and I took the hard training as a justification for eating more.  I would come in from a long run starving and eat whatever was quick and easy.

    When I trained for my second marathon, I made sure I had lots of filling, healthy food easily available.  I used to make vats of scotch broth and have a big bowl when I came in from a run.  I lost weight.

    Now, my weight is pretty constant.  I could probably lose half a stone quite comfortably, but I can't be bothered.  I eat what I like within reason, and the running seems to keep me fairly trim.  Before I took up running, I'd struggled with my weight all my life.

    Don't give up running, don't listen to idiots like your neighbour, and don't underestimate what you are already achieving.  You should be proud of yourself.

  • PL

    Try Slimming World instead of Weight Watchers.  I was an obese triathlete doing loads of training and getting nowhere.  Now I'm still training as much and I've lost 26lbs in 12 weeks on SW.

    Like everybody else is saying, don't give up running!

  • Best way to lose weight is to monitor your carbs very carefully. This may sound stupid, but running can make losing weight very tricky. The reason being is that you need carbs to burn for energy so we eat carbs all day long. You put on weight when your body has excess carbs, it'll turn them to fat.

    For instance before you go to bed, you'll eat carbs so your stored up with glycogen for the next day when you'll be running. But excess carbs in your blood overnight will be converted to fat.

    Kind of like a no win situation really. So my advice would be if you really want to lose the weight and still run, stop running for a coupld of months or so and then get back into running. Can still stay active, swim etc.

    What I would do is, get a fairly high protein diet, with no carbs after 3pm (veg is allowed) because you don't need them. And I would take up some Interfval Training, Tabata etc

    The weight will fly off and then yo can get back running at a lower weight. You'll just have to use trial and error form then on with your carb intake, measuring is the key. Count your carbs, if youput on weight that week, reduce carb intake teh next week and fidn your equilibrium.
  • ...or you could carry on running and just eat a sensible balanced diet to meet the calorific needs of your running.
  • Tee hee yes it does sound like rubbish. Because it is! Why on earth would you eat carbs all day long? Let's say you run for an hour a day. That's what, 500-1000 calories (depending on your weight, and how fast you go). If you want to lose weight, eat nothing to compensate. If you want to stay the same weight, eat 500-1000 calories a day extra. If that was plain bread, for example, you might be talking an extra 6 slices. Or if you like milk and kitkats, it's a pint of milk and a kitkat. Which is quite far from eating carbs all day long!!
  • I'd agree with the Slimming World diet.  You can eat as much protein as you want one day or as many carbs as you want the next.  I've done it in the past and it does work. Having said that, I've lost 5 stone in the last year and that was just eating sensibly, not drinking alcohol, going to the gym twice a week and running twice a week. The picture of me here was taken at last year's British 10k and I've lost another 2 stone since that was taken. It does come off and the slower it does the better it is. Don't give up running.  Your times are good, you enjoy it, so what's the problem?
  • I was going on the assumption that OP 's diet is too high carb, with carbs in the afternoon. Is it OP?

  • Hi

    I've been running for only a couple of months and also doing Slimming World. So far I've lost just over 1 stone, and probably have another 3/4 stone to go. I've found that although they say 'unlimited' of either carbs or protein (depending whether you are doing a green or red day) in fact I needed to give myself smaller portions.

    I'm still feeling full (drinking lots more water) but the weight is moving again. Also, I've lost 3 whole inches off my waist so it seems everything is moving around even if not dropping off!

    I'm still quite new to running and already suffered a bout of tendonitis from doing too much too quick. Had to have 2 weeks off... I'm only running x3 a week, 2.5 miles each but am starting to ramp up the weekend run bit by bit.

    PloddingLady: I think your times are amazing and I aspire to that kind of running. I'd strongly recommend SW if you fancy a go. I view it as a healthy life style rather than 'diet'. It seems more positive that way.

    My husband has joined in the healthy eating and is loving the variation of food instead of boring cereal for breakfast and sandwich for lunch every day. We plan a week menu and I buy only that stuff. Its become a way of life and I feel so in control.

    Don't give up - take control - and I hope to be posting with impressive times like yours one day!
  • If you enjoy your running,then carry on..if you dont enjoy it,then carry on,,sounds daft eh,but whilst your running your body is burning any excess calories you MAY be taking in..I myself started running to help lose weight,i have now lost 4  1/2 stone.i lost it all in about 6 months & have kept it off for 2 years now thanks to the running.I now eat loads more than i use too (too much actually) but the running keeps it off.I never went to a diet club as such,but i did follow the slimmers world diet,this definately worked for me...Dont stop,you have come such a long way,,can your neighbour run a 5 miler,10k or half marathon at they couldnt even run a bath without working up a sweat...stuff them all,do whats good for you,& your heart...Take care..
  • hi  ploddinglady

    your neighbour sounds like he's not sure what to say to you & keeps putting his foot in it. Why dont you post his comments on this site & we can all have a good laugh at him. who knows, you might even start to look forward to his comments.

    As for the running, dont give up, you'll only want to start again when you see a local race advertised. You've done really well joining a running club, im about 4 stone overweight & havn't got the bottle to join my local club

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