Tight ITB and hip pain

Over last few months I've icreased my milage and have found on ruins over an hour or so I get stiffness down the outside of my thighs (mainly right) and some pain in the hips (mainly a dull ache rather than real pain). Looking at past threads it seems that these are probably linked and I should get a foam roller to stretch out the ITB.

My questions are twofold:

Should I rest or should I use lots of stretching, a get a foam roller and just keep running?

Is it worth going to see a physio to see if there are other prblems, muscle weaknesses etc that could be causing the problems.


  • Kelvina wrote (see)

    Patella tracking sounds right to me.  Somewhere you have an imbalance between your inner thigh muscle at the knee (vastus medialis oblique) and your IT band on the outside.  You need to religiously stretch your quad muscles daily.  You can treat the IT band by either getting a large foam roller from a rehab/ physio site or a cheaper method is to empty a large plastic bottle  of coke and refill with water, do the lid up tight and then roll your full bodyweight through your IT band in a region from almost the knee to about 6 inches up the thigh (whilst bottle is placed on the floor, a new bottle of coke is to compressed and will be too painfull.  If you do it right it will hurt like hell still though.  2-3 mins on the IT daily will be all you can bare if you do it right.  Also get someone to massage through the quads quite firmly if u can, ie sports massage.  This injury as you suggested is usually worse ascending stairs and usually aches after prolonge dperiods of sitting with the knee bent known as "the moviegoers sign" for obvious reasons.  I would hold off the running for now but if you do go back running and is paifull i would get ice around the patella soon.  You probably dont have true muscle weakness at the knee as this is a neurological problem but it may feel that way due to the malalignmet of the patella and the onset of pain.  

    This is what advice I got on a recent injury involving my IT Band, they seem to know what they're talking about.
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