Quick question about Garmin Forerunner

We all know that the Forerunner can be used to save locations whilst out on a run so you can easily find them again but is there any way of downloading a location to the device BEFORE you go out for a run so you can navigate your way there?

For example, I want to run to Anfield stadium today but don't know how to get there from mine - can I download the latitude and longitude stats from any websites?


  • Yes. from the manual....

     "to mark a known location using coordinates.

    1) touch and hold GPS, select save location

    2) Press enter, select position

    3) Enter coordinates

    4) edit the location name / elevation (optional)

     Go to location

    Select location from list and then select go"


  • Can you use it to navigate?
  • How do you mean? like a car GPS?, if thats the case, no, it doesn't have the required map infomation stored on the watch.
  • That's what I thought.
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