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I have recently injured my calf due to a strain of goin up to many hills. This is my second week off from running and its geting better and I am thinking and hoping that I should be better to run again next Monday. I have only got 2 weeks this sunday before my first half marathon.

 Due to my injury my second attempt of a 9 miler was about 3 wks ago since then have had to lower mileage cause of calf then the last two weeks I haven't run purely cause calf wasn't healing.

 It does seem that the tightness and the bruised feeling in my calf is sub-siding so I aiming to run again Monday. However I would like advice as to know how much of my fitness will I have lost, I do feel like its probably going to be quite a significant amount and I haven't got time to now build it up again before my race.

 If I can start running again next monday am just going to build it up to two 5 mile runs and two 7 mile runs so as not to damage my calf again too near to race.

 So can someone one advise me whether my fitness levels will decrease dramatically and whether I will be able to run this 13 miles without it killing me, not due to calf but due to my fitness. I am so nervous about it as its my first half marathon and what with my injury its really knocked my confidence in doing it. I can't expect to have a good time as in good speed of race but I just need to know if I can be realistic and know that my fitness with take me through the 13 miles.

 Any advice will be greatly received.


  • If your not running then you should have been swimming and loads of it. Not sure if you'll lose that much fitness, but you will feel a bit rusty that's for sure. If you have lost fitness I wouldn't guess you'd have lost that much, unless you sat there smoking and eating fast food etc..

    I'm quite sure your not the only one with this problem, as loads of people marathon training end up injured just before the big day which means they've put in months of hard prep for absolutely nothing. Keep your head up, at least your likely to take part in it!

  • unless you are very well trained i doubt you will even be able to tell any difference in your run fitness at all, from 2 weeks off, enjoy the rest and make sure your calf has healed properly before getting back to it.
  • Thank you for your posts, just lost a bit of confidence as this is my first half marathon and still learning rather a lot. really appreciate all your advice. image
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