Where to buy innov-8s?..

I want to buy some innov 8 trail shoes having decided that they are probably best for the kind of thing I want to do. 

I live in Birmingham and have been to Sutton Runner, where I normally go for all my shoes but they seem to have a very small selection.  Can any recommend a shop in the Birmingham or Nottingham area that has a decent selection of innov8s for me to have a look at?



  • Get my from "Up&Running" in Leeds.
  • Hi, which models are you interested in? We have some in (we are in Stratford).


  • have you tried Cotswold Camping in New Street? I know that they do a few.


  • www.run4it.com have, inov8 roclite 285 for £35- only sizes 4. 4.5 and 11.5 left tho! (did start thread 2 weeks ago when they had most sizes!)
  • try one or two of the "shopping partners" on the right - one in particular i believe is a fell running specialist
  • There is a guy in Birmingham (Erdington) who is a longstanding runner, and used to work for one of the chains.  He now has just set up on his own, specialising in fell running footwear and lightweight clothing and has an impressive selection of innov-8s and is very good about going through things and the different models to make sure you have the best sort to suit your running

    If you email me I will email you his details.  Not sure if his web shop is active atm

  • fat facefat face ✭✭✭
    He's a forumite and a fetchie called el bee. Drop him an email.
  • Indeed Fat Face image

    Have found his profile onhere

    El Bee!

  • Up and running in Temple St. (B'ham City Centre) have a good selection, though didn'y have my size in most styles. Birmingham runner on Stratford Rd. also carry some - I got Mudclaws from there.

    Cotswold outdoor sell some - Terrocs and Flyrocs usually.

  • Innov-8 are a good trail shoe but think of the kind of running your are doing first, i bought a pair a couple of years ago and they are the worst trail shoe i have ever had, i have done the Hellrun twice now and both in Mizuno harriers the grip is awesome and they are so comfortable for a trail you could not ask for more. But that is my chioce of shoe. Dont let me put you off, good luck in finding what you want sorry could'nt be any more help.
  • BeetleBeetle ✭✭✭
    Dougie - which model Innov 8 did you get ? Why did they  not suit ? I`ve heard lots of good thinngs about them - but also a fair amount of criticism (sit too low; durability).
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    FiMcG- Pete Bland Sports have a good selection (and a lot of expertise) of these and other trail and/or fell running shoes.  They are on line and happy to advise over the phone (not ideal I know).
  • What i found with the Teroc was they were to hard i got blisters galore and very uncomfortable but the Mizuno it was the total opposite comfort no blisters and i can run for ages in them and the grip is outstanding, but then again that is my opinion. if you have bought some inov8 and you like them that is great. Use them and enjoy your running.
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