Forerunner 305 at FLM

Firstly  good luck to everyone running or supporting - it's nearly upon us!

 Those of you who used a Garmin 305 Forerunner in the FLM - will I get a signal all the way round?

I'm unsure whether to try to lock on to a GPS signal or not - alternative is to switch the GPS off and manually press the lap button every mile as I'd like to keep track of my average lap time (i.e. mile split) throughout the race.




  • Well, if it helps you decide, on the Monday after the race the forum will be flooded with people complaining that the course was too long.
  • LOL - I guess that's a signal all the way round then.
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    I wouldn't rely on it...make sure you have a reliable, simple, wristwatch as well. I love my garmin but if I had to choose in a race between it and my old timex sportswatch it would be the watch, it has never let me down and it's idiotproof.

  • I used my Garmin 205 in 2007. It lost the signal a little bit around Canary Wharf and again in the underpass just before the embankment. The recorded distance ended up at about 26.8m which was pretty accurate given the circumstances (also remember that due to the crowds and veering off for the water stations etc. that you will run a little extra distance). The recorded time was an exact match for my chip time. I'll be wearing it again on the 26th. Just hoping that it is cooler than 2007!
  • Thanks David, I thought that might be the case. I'll use it I think but turn off the auto lap feature. Good luck for next week.
  • Used it in 2008- it lost signal at the underpasses and through bits of Docklands.

    Make sure you turn off "autopause" for the bits where you'll lose signal.

    Don't rely on the autolap features.
  • I don't mean to ask a stupid question, but i've been playing around with my 305 for ages and can't figure out how to turn off the autopause, can anyone help me!?


  • what is autopause????


  • Drummond - go into training - training options - auto pause.
  • My 305 kept signal all the way round - apart from through the tunnel at Blackfriars
  • fat face - thank you!

    hurds - autopause pauses the timer etc when you loose signal  (tunnels, tall buildings etc) so it's worth having it turned off as it's likely to loose signal a couple of times en route...

  • thanks Drummond...

    Does all the above apply to the 405 which I have?

  • hurds - to be honest i have no idea! sorry!
  • Deffo turn off autopause and virtual partner.

    If I were you I'd set up the screen to have 2 fields, one with your elapsed running time ie from when you press the start button as you cross the start line and other to show your average pace. Make note that I said average pace and not pace. Pace will show your current pace at a particular time. If you are aiming for a certain time the average pace is much more useful and important.

    The miles that your Garmins clock up are of no consequence on Sunday as the only important distance is the one between the start and finish line. My Garmin read 26.9 miles last year, if I'd have set virtual partner going to race 26.2 then it would have finished the race somewhere near Big Ben.

  • hurds, however good the 405 is I can't see it keeping signal in the tunnel - I doubt there's a satnav out there that could.  Other than that I would think it should be ok.
  • just messing with my 405...what is timeout??
  • Where did you find timeout Hurds?
  • Fat face-went into training and then into options....
  • That's the thingy that makes it go into power save mode when you haven't used it for a while.

  • Hurds -  re timeout its when you have been naughtly or fighting with your brother and your mum makes you sit on the naughty step image
  • image Silly Dude


  • Ali BongoAli Bongo ✭✭✭

    My 305 loses the signal at Canary Wharf every time - I have the average pace screen on until I hit this problem and then scroll to the stopwatch to work out my averages for the last 7 miles. 

    I thought Autopause kicked in when you went below a certain pace and was configurable e.g. if you stop at a road junction to cross it will pause the stopwatch and then restart it?

    Hi Hurds btw - haven't come across you since GNR 2005 when I was a fresh faced beginner  image

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