HRM displays

I have had several HRM and SDMs over the years from Garmin, Timex Polar and Suunto.  All of them show lots of wonderful information, but mainly in tiny numbers that I can no longer read.  I do not feel like carrying a magnifying glass with me on training runs, and stopping to put my reading glasses on also feels a little silly.  Given the number of us over-50s carrying on and starting running, there must be a demand for widgets with nice big displays.  Can anyone recommend one?


  • The Garmin 305 has pretty big digits, especially if you set it up to only show only a couple of readings. It also has a light so it's visible in the dark. I can't comment on any of the others as it's the only one I have used.

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  • Contact lenses?
  • Distance vision is fine.  If I wore lenses for close work I would keep running into things, which is rather more dangerous than not beeing able to see my heart rate!
  • OK - a Garmin, set with HR band alerts.

    It will beep when you are below your chosen range, and when you are above it.

    It may well drive you crazy though.

  • Aren't all runners crazy to start with?
  • I use a Garmin Forerunner 301 which has a big display and you can dowload the heart rate and GPS data when you get in from your run.  It's a little chunky but not so much that it gets in the way.  Has heart rate features as well which can alert you whist you training in certain zones.  Worth a look.
  • I use a Garmin 310XT and like the other models I can read the numbers even if set to 4 measurements per window. But what I find most annoying is the little pop-up window for programmed repeats, such as an interval session. The actual repeat number is in tiny text and there's a risk that I run an extra repeat before realising I should be cooling down. Or I get out of step and am running at interval speed in a jog period, or vice versa.

    Thinking about it, maybe the step number is available as a data field. Anyone know? Even if it were, it'd be hard to keep track of say 12 x 200 fast/jog with warm-up/cool-down. That's 26 steps.

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