What to do after the Marathon?


I'm a relative beginner to long distance running and I'm getting pretty excited about competing in my first London Marathon this year.

One reason to enter was to lose some weight as well as it being a fantastic personal challenge.

I have lost a stone and a half through my training, but I'm already casting my mind forward about what to do after the race and I've come up with a couple of questions that some more experienced runners may be able to assist with.

How soon after the Sunday should I run again?

What sort or running routine/training should I follow now in order to continue weight loss as part of a healthy diet, but without the target of a specific race?

How many times a week should I be looking to run?

Hoping someone can help.



  • StylishStylish ✭✭✭

    1. a day or two after to do a recovery run of 3/4 miles.

    2. depends on how much you want to lose and time you have.

    3. why not enter other races ie 10K's, HM's and set some PB's you'll have the endurance to do so.

  • Why not enter Ironman, you can then do swim bike and run training image
  • I'd love to do some triathlons. Do complete novices compete in such events, always struck as a thing you have to be at least pretty decent at to enter?

    In reply to what to do after your marathon.... nice cold pint of lager! Ahhhhh
  • Rodduz - complete beginners have done ironman events before BUT you need around six months training time
  • Cheers. Yeah I'd not enter under prepared. Used to do mountainbiking so wouldn't mind getting into it again.
  • How about take a week off and then enter anouther race for motivation. Go on you know you want to? Marathons, 10k's and Halfs throughout the year.image

    Rodduz be warned them pirates are scary. image

  • Pirates?!?!
  • Beer is the answer to the question....... image

    Then wot Stylish said!

    And who said we are scary?  Cake, stop upsetting the poor chap, we should be embracing people newish to the forum not scaring them with tales of marauding Pirates. 


  • I've been bad and need to be punished. Please punish me please? image
  • Ah right I see, shall take and see i f I wanna walk the plank.
  • Not quite sure what I've entered into here!!!

    Great advice from all although I'm a wee bit confused about the Pirate reference.

    Happened to have bumped into an army mate who is trying to get me into a triathlon in September so may just take up that challenge.

  • Why not try a trail / off raod mara, less about time more about just enjoying the scenery etc. I have done 1 Road Mara, 1 Trail Mara and 1 Trail Ultra since 25th October 08, have another Trail Mara in June and a road mara in Oct. I am by no means a top end runner but once tha base level of fitness is quite high is fairly easy to keep ticking along and ramp it up a bit before each event. The road mara's will be PB attempts the others just for pure enjoyment. Just my 2 pence worth.
  • You could always try and do the get in the 100 marafuns clubs? it's good fun but got to try and do 100 marafuns. Isn't anyone going to punish me? image
  • After you've finished the Marathon you should take 1 - 2 weeks off and enjoy yourself. Then when getting back into it you should maybe think about changing your previous goals of running a marathon which is now achieved, to running middle distance events. Or if middle distance running is not your thing, maybe 10ks instead.
  • Rule of thumb is take one day off for every 10km you race.  So that's four days with no running after you've done your marathon.  Enjoy eating, sleeping, rehydrating and perhaps a beer or two image

    As for the Ironman - go for it, arrrrrrrrrrr!

  • I did my first marathon in Paris 2 weeks ago.  Since then have been taking it easy with small runs, cycling, light weights and tennis.  Have been very tired and sleeping 9 hours + everyday but gradually getting back into it.  I lasted 2 days after the marathon before I had to put myself down for my next oneimage
  • Two days after FLM I decided to get my rusty old bike out from the shed where it had hidden for 3 years..........I thought cycling a few miles would give me a change from all the running..........it helped the legs recover...........I would recommend it..................but a warning........within 3 weeks I was doing a sprint tri..........5 weeks later I did a half Ironman and now I'm in training for the full Ironman in 10 weeks timeimage

    maybe just sitting down with a beer for a couple of weeks would be better........  but a new challenge is always good.image

  • Book your next marathon before you've done your first , it'll stop you saying never again image
  • I think the routine of the training and the feeling of doing the marathon are hard to shake.
  • I've been saving a few links for just this question but never got round to using them:

     Post Marathon - Zero Week

    Hal Higdon's multiple marathons

     Bounce Back post-marathon

  • have just run highlander mountain marathon 4 weeks after rome marathon (with a few 10k's in between for light relief) 

    + hopefully plan squeeze in 1 or two long events before the summers out

     once you start you just can't stop!

  • SteveC - I like that Bounce back article cheers
  • Steve C - Just what I was looking for in terms of apres marathon training.

     Having completed the FLM and telling myself "never again", I had to many wines last night and woke up this morning having entered the ballot for the FLM 2010!! You do get the bug!

  • Yeah, I once took about 5 months off after a marathon and it was really frustrating to work my way back up to speed again. Didn't realise the ballot was open so I just put myself in for an overseas entry.

    Highlander sounds interesting, DJ31. Oslo forest mara is coming up in June - that's nice.

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