Not sure if this is normal or if I'm a little strange, but I sometimes get motion sickness when wearing sunglasses and walking along. I think this is possibly because the curve of the lens changing the perspective of the things I'm seeing and the fact that I'm not at all used to wearing glasses. Not sure really.

Anyway, I'm looking for a cheapish pair of sunglasses to run in but I really don't want to buy some which make me feel odd. Does anyone have any recommendations for good, but reasonably priced brands? 

Thanks in advance image


  • Yey, it's not just me then.  I thought it was some weirdness only I had.  Thanks LK.

    I wear a pair of decathlon sunglasses.  Very cheap and they dont make me feel sick.  Now you have mentioned a reason for this it is probably because the lens is quite flat.

  • Looking out of my window I may be using these to keep the rain out of my eyes at the moment!

    SM: Thanks for the link as I am always worried my Oakleys are going to tumble off and get crushed!

  • Weird. But then again I run in Oakleys and they always bang on about their optically perfect lenses.
  • I've never had a pair of expensive sunglasses, which probably explains why I get it then! If I was a bloke, I'd probably buy a pair of Oakies as I'd wear them for my normal sunglasses, but I look ridiculous in sporty glasses, so I'd prefer a cheaper pair to wear just for running.

    Thanks for the heads up on the Decathlon ones, Shimmy. Will have to pop in and see if I can find a suitable pair image

  • Sunwise glasses have specially curved lenses. I usually get headaches with sunglasses but am fine with these. They are about £25 - £30 a pair for ones with 3 pairs of interchangable lenses. I'd highly recommend them.
  • That sounds absolutely spot on! I had a quick look at their website to check them out. Just did a search and found a pair in a clearance sale for £12 incl. P&P, so I've bought them. Thank you image
  • ooh, they look good IB.  May have to purchse some.  I like the interchangable lenses.
  • Glad to help. Even got my non-runner bf a pair for every day use as he tried mine and loved them so much!
  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    I had a very similar conversation with a woman at work. She had a pair of script glasses that had not been made to take into consideration the size / curve of the lens of her glasses.

    I never thought about it, however my optician recommended a pair of glasses for me and when orderring the len inserts used all his knowledge to provide me with a pair that was right for me. However he doesn't come cheap, but I spend money on things that I want to be right first time. In the end I find that it pays for itself.

    I remember when I was a child and my mother tripping up because her glasses / sunglasses prescription was wrong. I guess it's a science afterall.

    Hope those new shades work well for you. It really does make a difference when things are done right.

    Some things are cheap because they work and have worked for years. Some things are expensive because you are paying for the name. Unfortunately I am paying for the name on my prescription running shades. That however, does mean that they work.

  • Well I received them yesterday. They're super light and feel pretty comfortable on. Going to try them out on a run tonight hopefully, but I'll wear them in the car to/from work to see if they are headache inducing or not image

    bikermouse - I don't need prescription glasses. I've had an eyetest recently. I was just looking for a normal pair. I've had sunglasses before which distort your view slightly (presumably because the glass is curved) and that's what gives me a headache etc. You're right in saying that generally you get what you pay for, but this brand has been recommended by someone else and I would be stupid to go straight for a pair of expensive glasses without trying these out first. 

    Anyway, will let everyone know how I get on image

  • I have a pair of Kuota sunglasses and the are brilliant. Very light, don't bounce around, don't steam up and come with 5 lenses. I have not noticed any distortion with any of the lenses.


    My previous pair (that where twice the price) the lenses used to fall out, these ones they are very secure. Also, my previous ones broke, the arm snapped when taking them off. 

  • Boughta pair of Smiths from TK Max seen the same the year before at a sports shop for £85.00 got these for £15.00 bargain, and they are the dogs danglers.
  • Just a quick note to say that I'm really pleased with my Sunwise glasses. I ran 10km with them, no problems in terms of nausia or them joggling around on my face. Complete bargain!!! image
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