My Life Would Suck Without Plod

Because it's the soundtrack of my weekends.


  • Along with So What by Pink

  • morning


    hope you got some sleep and daylight brings some perspective to your anxieties

  • shortly I'm wa*king down to Sada to see how it feels

    and give me some idea about whether I can go back to w**k on Monday

  • My professional opinion is that you need another week off..................... or will you start buying more household appliances?
  • Morning all

    Shortly I'm going to w**k until 7 then swimming lesson from 9-10.

    hope the pool is warmer than it was a fortnight ago.

  • well

    as I found myself looking up power showers and dishwashers I think I'd better go back to w**k

  • Big Sis has been looking at my @rsebook page

    she asks "who's the lady with the legs?"

    lol - where to start...?

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