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I started on the beginners programme about two weeks ago but am still on week 1 (run 1 min walk 90 secs *8) but it still does not feel like it is getting any easier and I am reluctant to move onto week 2 for fear off putting myself off plodding altogether. Did anybody else find it this hard? or am I just so unfit? I have not really done much exercise my whole life and especially not in the last year.

Also I did apply to join the absolute beginners for marathon training the thread that was posted a few weeks ago. Has anybody heard anything about this and shall I assume that I am not on the programme?

Any help grateully accepted.



  • Hi Helen, the hardest thing about starting running is the motivational factor. All you need to know is that you have to keep going. Everyone is different and we all started somewhere, so don't expect too much at once. The temptation is too over exert yourself at the beginning and cause yourself an injury which might set you back or put you off running all together. At the begining, you are trying to build up basic fitness and leg muscles, it may take you 2-3 months to run 1-2 miles but so what. Getting there at your pace and at your body's rate is far better for you overall. Then as you gain basic fitness you can try to runn say 1mile without stopping, but even if you have to walk, that's no problem. So long as you keep it up and not give in you will get there. THe only other advice i can give to you to get you motivated is to enter a race. It's in my opinion, and not everyone's, that entering a race gives you a commitment and motivation to make the start line. That's how i started 18 months ago. enter one of the race for life 5k series that are running all over the country, and you will probably see other people who are in the same boat as you. But the biggest advice i can give you is enjoy your running. If you enjoy the running, then training becomes so much more fulfilling and to a certain extent easier. I love training nights and speed sessions at my club, and i love running first thing on a sun morning when the sun shines and the air is clean, i can run for 2 hours easily and forget everything. Hope this helps!
  • Good advice.

    I could only run for 60 secs when i first tried it. And I thought it would never get any easier, but it has.

    I am still finding it tough, but I feel so proud of myself for still doing it, even though it is such hard work. I feel a real sense of achievement. I spose I am pushing myself along the training schedule - but I could happily go out for an easy run and just enjoy the scenery etc.

    You can do it. Enjoy it and have fun. Good luck.

    The Ginger One
  • Helen, doing a variety of things can make each individual activity seem easier, as you build up stamina through all of them. Maybe you can go for a longer walk in a nice place sometimes, or take a cycle ride?
  • Hi Helen

    I'll back up what the others have said - just stick with it and it will get easier. I'm a beginner too, and I am already seeing lots of changes after just a few weeks of plodding. I am able to run (shuffle!) for longer and with reduced rest times. My body is feeling more toned and generally 'stronger'. Oh, and I'm losing weight too (BIG motivational factor for me). Keep with it - it'll get better!

    I think the thread you're referring to is the one about complete beginners being trained by Runner's World?? They are going to let people know in a month or two, I believe.

    Fingers crossed, eh?

    Heather :-)
  • Hi Helen

    I started about 4 weeks ago having entered a 5K. I'm 40 years old and I've never run for or after anything in my life!

    I started out on the run 1 min, walk 1 min * 10 training plan. The first time I tried I could only do 5, but I've kept at it.

    I'd hardly call what I do running but last night after 3 little spurts of 4 mins I found I was actually running!!!

    I've learned a lot from reading the stuff on this site and the most useful has been to take it slowly. I do quite a bit of hill walking so I've probabaly built up reasonably quickly, but I plod very slowly particularly for the first 2-3 stretches. Try to keep breathing through your nose too.

    My first 5k is in June and I'm aiming to plod it all and I feel quite excited about achieveing it which keeps me going.

    Good Luck From Cal
  • hey thanks for all the advice, I do sort of enjoy it and want to continue. I think I will enter a 5k race for life, even if i walk a lot of it. I was looking at the one in Richmond park as I think that is the closest - maybe see some of you there?
  • Helen
    Another thing to bear in mind is not to try and run fast in your runnings bits, take it very slowly, a little faster than a walk, you should find that will help.
  • Helen
    It does get easier but you need to build up slowly. If you don't feel ready to go on to the next week of the schedule, then repeat a week. You can't expect to undo years of virtually no exercise in a few weeks. Stick at it and I'm sure you'll begin to see an improvement soon. Every step you run/jog/walk is taking you closer to your goal.

  • Helen, I repeated week 1 and week 2 of my training schedule when I first started because I didn't feel ready to move on. I still repeat individual parts of a week if I feel I need to. Build up your stamina rather than your speed.

    You'll get there. I found that all of a sudden it got easier and that's when I felt like a real runner!
  • If I was faster and more articulate I'd have written what Spoony wrote - as it is I'll stick with wishing you good luck. Why ever you thought you wanted to run won't have gone away so just relax, enjoy it and you'll be fine.
  • Yep, I think everyone in front of me ( I am usually at the back!!) has said it all. Good luck and just go out plod slowly to build stamina & most of all enjoy.

  • I am on my second week of a 6 week 'novice' schedule for a 5k race. Probably wont do a race, I'm doing it to loose weight and get fit (fitter than I am anyway). I can not get used to the run/walk bit so I plod along to complete what the schedule says. If I have to slow down I do. If I have to slow to a walk I do. But I complete the schedule. Even though it is only my second week I have fewer aches and pains and even feel as if I can push it a bit. Persevere (have I spelled that right?) I have definetly noticed a difference even after just 2 weeks. Stick with it. By the way, if you want to log your runs try the american site of runners world. You can keep a complete log of your running online. Well worth a check
  • I'm on week 5 of the beginners schedule. When I started 2 mins of running seemed like a lifetime but now 4 weeks on I'm about to start 12/1 x3 and although it seems a big jump from 8/2 that I've been doing this week I'm sure I'll manage it because it's amazing how quickly your stamina increases. Stick with it and soon you'll bask in the smug glow of one who knows she is fitter than the average man on the street, that her clothes are fitting better that her body feels stronger and that there's definately some shrinkage in the bum region! Mostly I feel crap when I run and wonder why I put myself through it but at the end and the following day I feel fantastic and that's what keeps me at it. Good luck, you're in good company here.
  • oooh does your bum really shrink? Thats the motivation I need! I must have a good 2000 miles of running to get mine to a acceptable size.

    Thanks again for all the encouragement, I do enjoy it and feel please with myself for geting out there rather than staying in my bed.
  • Hey Helen, don't worry I'm new to this malarky too! Have started running to get fit over the summer, as I usually play rugby and the season's over :-( There I was thinking that, as a fairly active person already, running would be a piece of cake! Ummmm, proving much harder than expected; I think it's the stamina (or lack of it) that really kills me! Am in the 2nd week of the run/walk programme and doing 3mins of each at the mo', which is more than enough for me as yet! Hope to do the Loch Ness 5K in September and still eagerly awaiting bum shrinkage! Also if anyone has any advice about how much other activity I should do during the week without putting too much strain on my legs (I like circuits, swimming and the occasional game of touch rugby...) that would be cool, as really want to get fit without killing myself to do it! You've all really motivated me to run more, by the way, so thanks!
  • Helen,
    Don't worry about it, we all have to start somewhere. When I started running 9 weeks ago 100 yards was all I could manage.

    Visits to the gym and swimming pool to build up my stamina has worked, I can now run further than the end of my street and I love it. Yesterday I managed to run for 30 minutes. It will come just take it easy and give your body time to adjust. I did a 3k (1.8 miles) fun run the other week for a laugh. I finished near the back of the group but I stll did it and got a medal to prove it. I would never have dreamed I could do it had anyone asked me when I first started.

    Just keep positive and realise you can do it. There is a saying 'a journey of a thousand miles starts with just one step'. You have taken that first step, just keep going!
  • Hi Helen,

    yes, your bum does shrink. I wish you had seen mine about three months ago!! I have nothing more to add to what everyone has said, except hang in there, it does get better and easier.
  • I'm new at this too, posting here, that is... but I'm definitely an old hand (or should I say 'foot'?) at being a beginner runner. I begin at least once a year, but usually give up at the latest when evenings become too dark for running in the park. Same thing happened last November.

    After several months of inactivity I started thinking about running again and discovered this forum. I just though it would be too embarrasing to start posting unless I actually was a runner myself, so I finally dusted off my trainers and pushed myself out of the door a couple of weeks ago. It's always that first time that's the toughest but after that I find it quite easy to keep to a 3 times per week routine.

    Since I've done this several times before, I more or less know how the next few weeks will pan out and how my fitness will progress, therefore I'm really worried that I will get bored and give up again after I reach that comfortable 5-6km stage.

    I've never taken part in any races and I was wondering if setting myself a goal to run a 5K race (or 10K later in the year) would be a good way of keeping up my motivation.

    Anyway, I think just reading the inspirational messages in this forum will go a long way to help me stick with it.

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