FLM nerves and mad dreams

I'm a first time FLM'er and am starting to get really nervous and have mad dreams.  So far I've dreampt that I turned up without my number because I forgot to go to the expo so all my training (and abstinence were for nothing, and then in another dream I got half way round and thought "sod that" and just went home) 

Am also POUNDING on the weight with this tapering mularkey which is most frustrating! 

 Is it just me?!  Please say "no" ...


  • welcome to tapering madness image
  • No. It's not just you. When I did the London Marathon in 2003 I dreamt I turned up at the start line and forgot my running shoes. In my 2006 dream I missed the start and started about an hour after everyone else!

    As yet I've had no dream for the 2009 London Marathon image

  • I'm having loads of dreams too and putting on weight, mind you 3 weeks off injured prior to tapering hasn't helped!image
  • Dreamt the other night that I got stopped and very publicly told off by a race official that I hadn't trained hard enough post-injury and didn't deserve to be there.

    Glad this is normal then!
  • I had a dream that Allison and Seren both finished this year's FLM with the biggest smiles they have ever had......imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

  • I like that dreamimage "Dreams can come true"
  • I have alrady run it twice in my dreams and my husband has the bruises to show for it.image
  • I dreamt last week that I missed my train to London Bridge from Purley in Surrey and was trying to run to Greenwich to make the start !!!! image
  • WS: that prompted me to finally check my travel plans for the day!

     I hadn't even considered that this tapering period would be stressful.  What a naive fool I am!

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    Ha! It's all coming back to me now. A couple of weeks before FLM '07 I dreamt that the race started in an Austrian ski resort. The finish line was still on the Mall though, so you can imagine how I felt when I realised the distance involved. A bit more than 26.2 miles. image

    Nerves are a good thing. You'll check everything through fourteen times (don't forget your chip!) and the adrenaline will get you going nicely. Enjoy!
  • I'm a first timer.

    Think I have run the marathon in my dreams, dream't about not finishing, getting a hotel to far away from my start, not being able to get to a loo and loads of other things.  I would so like to dream about getting the medal around my neck and having a well earned drink (of the alcoholic type).

     Getting into a nervous excitement about it now. 

  • Me too. Normally I sleep all through the night but the last three nights I have been awake and having to get up to go to the loo! My husband says he knows I am dreaming about the run because my breathing changes as if I am running and my legs twitch!!

    I am constantly looking at the mile by mile and thinking what have I let myself in for!

    As for tapering, I just keep walking the dog loads of times, he doesnt know what is going on!! Cant sit still for 5 mins!


  • I didn't have any dreams yet, but I am imagining that I am getting ill. I haven't had a single cold since last Christmas, but I am convinced that it is coming just now. Not to mention the chicken pox, ringworm and impetigo that I will sure catch from the children (where I work)
  • As far as I'm concerned, Easter couldn't come at a worse time with regards to trying to avoid choccy.

    I'd love to taper more but the thought of not going out to run and putting on more weight as a result have caused niggles to flare up. But I can't stop myself!

    Petrified I won't get there at the start either.

  • You'll hate me for saying this, but if you're stacking on weight, you are eating too much.

    Taper isn't about eating till you pop, its a very fine balance of getting your muscles full of glycogen for the race without over-eating.  I put on weight last year in training, so was very careful this year.  Now I'm tapering I've reduced my food volume to compensate for the reduced miles. 

    But I'm with you on the mad dreams.  Mine favourite is ambling to the start, where everyone else is already running and not worrying because its all done on chip time, after all...

  • hahaha this is so funny.. i hought it was just me! i dreamt the other night that i stopped for a picnic with my boyfriend haf way through and then the race officials were really nasty and wouldnt let me run the rest! hahahaha woke up in such a state!

    this marahon has messed with both my body nad mind more than i ever dreamt it would!

    good to know im not the only one!

  • Had no dreams this year - but remember a couple of crackers in 2003 and 2007.

    Mens Health had a great carbo loading menu in an issue a couple of issues ago - I'm actually eating more and loosing a couple of lbs and feeling fab! It may still be online if you check out their web site.
  • yep - the weird dreams have started and my marathon is not until the end of May!  Usually they involve forgetting to wear trainers and running in inappropriate footwear (stilettos and cowboy boots so far!).

     I am fairly confident that on the actual day, while 101 things can go wrong, forgetting my trainers shouldn't be one of them!

  • Oh God I had a mad dream last night. Thought I had managed to get away with it. I dreamt somehow I had managed to turn up without my race number, running shoes or running vest. Unsuprisingly, the race stewards wouldn't let me start....
  • I had a dream the other night that I got to the start and the race had been called off (I can't remember why exactly!)
  • I've run it twice, but seem to be in a worse state mentally this time. I think its because I have set myself a really challenging target time (for me!) and nothing else will be good enough. I've had great difficulty sleeping, and dream all sorts of things like missing trains, falling and getting injured, hitting the wall etc., etc.

    For first timers, what I would say is enjoy it. It is a fantastic experience and for me, it was very emotional, particularly in the last mile, when I realised I was going to achieve something special. If you can save a bit of a sprint for the last few hundred yards, it is great to pass people and get extra cheering from spectators.

    It looks like the weather will be cooler, with some rain. Cetainly better than hot sunshine!

    Good luck to everyone 

  • JWrunJWrun ✭✭✭

    he he just seen this thread, i had a mad one last night that i met a couple of peploe from this site whom I've never met before and that i finished the race but i was too drunk to remember!!

    very nervous today but also a bit like Tigger!

  • I'm not running London, but Edinburgh marathon in 5/6weeks time.  I've already been dreaming about the race - that i turn up and then haven't got my shoes on yet, or put my bag away and it takes me so long to tie my shoelaces, the race has already started and i start after everyone has already run atleast a mile! It's horrible!image

     Good luck for Sunday everyone!

  • in 2000 i had a dream that i forgot my shorts, Oh .....actually that did happen. I still wince at the pain of those brand new shorts i got at the expo. That mesh lining.............ouch
  • Well the nerves have finally got to my Garmin and once again 2 days before a big race it decides to crack up and not work AWWWWWWWWWW
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