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Hello all,

I was perusing my local chav sports shop today and noticed they've actually got a pretty good range of Nike stuff in (shoes, tops, shorts, tights etc.) Anyway, I also noticed they were selling off Nike Zoom Victory Senior shoes at a very cheap price. These look like a great racing shoe, but has anyone ever used them before? I'm wondering if it would be worth me buying a pair really.

For info I'm a mildish over-pronator - a Gel Kayano or Structure Triax type shoe is the norm for me, and I'd be sticking to a more supportive shoe for anything over 10k really. These Zooms look to be more neutral, but would it be worth getting a pair for say distances up to 10k do you reckon? Just interested in people's views really.



  • Probably safer not to. They are a neutral shoe with minimal support. If you are only a mild over-pronator then you might get away with it, but there are better shoes than the Victory that do have the support
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    Brilliant thank you. I must admit I went back for another proper look at them and I'd come to this conclusion myself. I only noticed them cos they were so cheap anyway really - I wasn't really in the market for any Race Shoes as such, but if I do opt for some then it'll be something that offers more support than these. Thanks for the reply image
  • Ok so what Racing/ lightweights  do peeps on here reccomend that offer more protection?? I wear structure Triax for training but fancy some shoes for racing in 5k to 10 miles .
  • I got myself a pair of Adidas Adizero Tempo's for my 5k and 10k races, very light and a decent level of support.

    See here     Click me

  • Try Saucony Grid Fastwitch.

    I have mild support needs and they are great and light.

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    Nike Lunaracer. Fab shoe.
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