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  • Weighed in. My stats:- 

    TWL: 2.5 stone - WLTD: 1 August 2009 - WWL: 3lbs - TWL: 14lbs Running Goal: to run GNR in under 1:50

    3lb weight loss.imageimageimage

  • Just had a "business breakfast" and to follow up my Special K sustain I have had one of these:-

    (egg and sausage sandwich)imageimageimage

    I was doing so well too..

  • Weigh in was depressing but unsurprising. Up 1lb. Crap food week officially over now and back to being good. Things WILL be better next week and I feel it's time to count some WW points for a couple of weeks and get me back on track.  In four weeks I have a friend visiting from Canada who I haven't seen for a couple of years, probably just after I started running- can't actually remember. Begone Muffin Top!

    PMA- that makes me feel so much better. And you're losing too!

    And I do have a 14 miler planned for Sunday, a 10K race next weekend and a HM the weekend after!

    Right off to plan 2 weeks of healthy meals and a shopping list to support it!

  • mr sj you rock! awesome weightloss. that will motivate me through the weekend.

    after tonight of course. cold beer going down very nicely. (it's not the crisps, cake and chocolate i have a battle with)

    don't dispair FL. you're not alone. don't beat yourself up over 1lb. you will lose it again very quickly. weightloss is like an equities return curve. it has spikes up and down. it's the overall trend that matters. (not that i used to work for an investment bank or anything.)

  • Thanks LS- nice analogy; I'll be focussing on downward trends for the up and coming. Better food day today; mind you am supposed to be having curry on Sunday for Mr FL's b'day treat, and there will of course be cake to contend with!  Once that's over we are birthday free until November, thank goodness.

    Healthy Leek and Potato bake to prepare now.image  Life would be so much easier with a chef......

  • thanks LS image
  • Hello.....

    I'm back.....


  • Well done to BBS and mr sj on the weight loss - very good efforts from both of you.

    BBS - I don't know why you thought I would kill you for what you 'ate' the other day - I thought it was fairly good - even hot pot is healthy, full of veg and fairly low in fat.

    Foxy - well done on only 1lb gained, especially if it has been a crap food week for you.  Re: Indian food, shashliks or biriyanis are fairly healthy for you.  Just avoid baltis and kormas.  Especially kormas as they are so chock full of cream and butter that one serving without rice and nan bread is nearly 1000 calories.  Also, new research has shown that spicy foods can ramp up the metabolism, so go for the hot stuff if you can bear it....

    LS - at least you know what your calorie 'extra' is, just like most of us.....

    Where are the other weigh ins?

    I only arrived back this afternoon after a fun-filled week of walking, walking, and more walking.....

    ...including an aborted trip up Snowdon.  Got 3/4 of the way up and the weather was so bad that we had to turn back as we are both novices and the cloud was so low we couldn't even see 10m in front of us, it was raining fairly heavily, and there was a gale force wind blowing.  Still that was 7 miles done (up and back down) which was a treat for the thighs (not).  That was preceded by a 3 mile run on Monday afternoon, and a 3 mile walk on the Wednesday, plus at least 6 miles yesterday.

    I will weigh in on Sunday morning when I have my own scales, but after a mid-afternoon weigh in here I am possibly down by 1lb.

    It may be more, I don't wish to tempt fate.....

    Hope that everyone has a good weekend image

  • hi vixx, nice to have you back and glad you had a good time on holiday.
  • Thanks mr sj - I have just read your email and will reply to it tomorrow.  Have got some ironing to do and then bed coz I have to drive home in the morning to work.....

    Hope you are ok image

  • Welcome back Vixx.  Shame about Snowdon - better to be safe than sorry though.

    Day one of my diet today (well, yesterday now - ie Friday)

    Breakfast - Large bowl of Asda shreddies with full cream milk (I cannot be doing with that wish-washy stuff)

    Lunch - 2 Ryvitas with Turkey slices and lettuce

    Dinner - Large bowl of Rice Crispies with 2 bananas.  (Would normally have a proper cooked dinner but I went to choir practice and had to feed the  kids before I went so it was just quicker not to cook after 9pm when I got back.

    Probably won't be very good tomorrow as we have the concert in the evening followed by a party.

  • Good going on the weight loss everyone, mj sj thats fab loss, you've done so well! Welcome back vixx!

    I didn't have the best week but weekend is off to a good start, got up late this morning, sat in bed with a cup of tea then munched on a banana and a spoonful of peanut butter before heading out for a run. Did 5 miles, then back for a late breakfast (1pm) of porridge with rice milk. Had an apple as a snack and have leftover jambalaya for tea so will be well inside calories for the day and no indulgent food!

    I really wish i could be this good in the week!

    Have a good weekend everyone!

  • Many grats on the weightloss so far folks! image
  • Welcome back Vixx, glad you had a good holidayimage.
  • Welcome back Vixx - shame about Snowdon, but now you know how near it is, you can just go again!  I've been trying to find time for a trip up to see my cousin there for the last year, but just never seem to have a free weekend!

    Well, Saturday morning weigh-in has arrived, and I'm pleased to report a 1 lb loss from last week. May not sound a lot, but I did eat a hundredweight of pasta last night in prep for tomorrow's 20-miler image  Also consider that I did a sneaky weigh-in on Monday too, and that was 3 lbs heavier than today, so you could say I've lost 4 lbs this week. However, I'm only going off the Saturday figure, so I'll stick to my 1 off.  That takes me to 12-7 today. Like Mr SJ, I've not been under 12 stone for as long as I can remember, but I'm not heading for the sub-12 straightaway with Edinburgh on the horizon.  As several others have posted their goals, I thought it was time I defined mine and made that all-important 'public declaration' for motivation:

    Goal 1 = stay at 12-7 or under until 31st May
    Goal 2 = get to GNR 08 weight of 12-3 by my next HM - 4th July
    Goal 3 = 12 st by end of July
    Goal 4 = 11.5 st by 5th September

    I know they're not particularly stretching, but as I've tried this many times before, it makes sense to be realistic rather than over-optimistic! I go on holiday on 5th September, and GNR is 20th Sept, so I would be over the moon to have lost weight, be able to wear a bikini, and smash my HM PB at GNR! image  Longer term goals will probably involve getting to the elusive 11st, but first things first....!  11st 10 is the official top of my 'healthy weight' range so 11.5 I think is a sensible goal to start with.

  • was avoiding writing up my weigh in but since vixx asked... image weigh in from yesterday morning 59 kg. so thatd be up 1kg or 2lbs.  image oh dear. had a better few days towards the end of the week, but the start of the week certainly hadnt been too good. but as a result not feeling hugely motivated today. hmmm. think i need to pick myself up a bit. if i could carry on as i was the last few days though, i think i would start seeing some positive changes.

    well done everybody on weightloss this week.

    hopefully will be joining you all next week image

  • Hollie - what changes have you been making - you say that if you could carry on as you have been the last few days you would be seeing positive change? 

    If you have changed something, then you have already made a positive move, which is fantastic image

  • Thanks vixx, you are good at pointing out the positives image

    I'd cut down on chocolate (although not banned it) and seemed ok with having a treat if i really wanted it and it was included in my plan for the day. I've been keeping an eating diary as well for the past week, which has certainly been revealing even if i've been somewhat shocked by what I've eaten some days! But i do seem to overeat when i'm feeling a bit stressed, although managed to avoid this last few days. i just hope i can keep it up. But I guess being aware that I overeat when I'm stressed is good, because now I know I'm doing it i can work on not doing it, and dealing with why I'm stressed instead. Well that's the plan anyway!!!

    I'm also looking at some races that I might be able to enter, as some extra motivation. Just need to find one I can get to without a car...

  • well ive had a terrible food day today, been picking and eating all day and tonigth had a take away curry with naan breads, onion bhajis, samosas etc etc image in my defence it is only thte 2nd time in a month ive fallen off the wagon and i will be making sure i go for a long run tomorrow to make up for it.

    determined to kep trim for next weekend as ive got a wedding to go to and will be seeing some old school friends who havent seen me since i weighed in at a mighty impressive 18stone image 6 or 7 years ago. so that should be fun !!

  • mr sj - don't beat yourself so much.  We are all allowed to have an off day you know.  As long as you go for your run tomorrow you should be fine.  You are doing so well, and you are right - you DO want to look your best for next weekend...... jaws need to be hitting the floor so badly that dental work is required image

    Hollie - at least you are beginning to recognise that you are eating when stressed, which many of us do from time to time.  When you recognise that you can start to work on dealing with the stress, which will do wonders for your self-esteem when you successfully manage it - which will stop the need for food as you will feel fantastic.

    My tip is to save money in a jar.  Money that you might have spent on a choc bar, or a coffee for example.  Make it a smallish jar and count the amount every month.  Then spend the proceeds on a non-food reward, such as a relaxing massage, or that new bit of kit you have your eye on for example.....

    What does everyone think about that sort of idea?

  • Hey, vixx you are really great at being positive and motvating! We really do appreciate it!

    Hollie, i'm the same, i eat when stressed or bored (but mainly at work) - i've had a quiet weekend this weekend and so feel really relaxed which means i've eaten well and been out running both mornings.

    Mr SJ, don't worry about the takeaway, your run will sort that out and a good week will mean you feel great going to the wedding next weekend!

    Yeti, good work on the goals, its great to have something to aim for and that you know you can achieve if you put the work in.

    Vixx i do like that idea about the money in a jar, i was thinking about that as chocolate bars here cost $2.20 which is about £1 - so expensive, and if i have one every day......i could easily save money and treat myself (although i tend to treat myself a lot anyway image)

    Hope everyone's had a good weekend, as i mentioned mine has been quiet and relaxed which means 2 runs done (one 5 miles and one 3.6 miles) and really healthy food eaten! Oh and a sneaky peak at the scales had me at 9 st 13.8lbs yesterday morning and 9 st 13.2lbs this morning.....aim is to stay in the 9s all week now!

  • I've just weighed in - and.......

    -drum roll-

    .....I've lost nothing again image

  • Sydney - that's really good progress - WELL DONE YOU image.  How are you planning on keeping it down then?
  • Hey, just carry on as i am doing, i don't religously count calories but just roughly estimate how much i've eaten and make sure its under what i need plus any exercise i've done, just to make sure there's a deficit each day, even if only small....thats the theory but like i say, i don't measure accurately!

    Today i ran 3.6 miles so i reckoned if i ate around 1500-1600 calories i should have created a deficit of approx 300....(does this sound about right?). I've eaten:

    Cup of tea and teaspoon of peanut butter: estimate 150 cals  (pre-run)

    Porridge with banana and rice milk; estimate 450 cals (post-run)

    2 poached eggs and tin of baked beans: estimate 350 cals

    3 lindor chocolates (woops): i know this is about 250 cals

    Home-made tomato, bean and veg soup: estimate 300 cals

    That comes to about 1500 calories.....

    I always have porridge for breakfast at work and take fruit in for i have more soup to take for now all i have to sort out is my afternoon snack...guess what i usually go for!

    I tried to buy some nairns oat cakes to have as a pre-run snack but the only place i knew that stocked them has stopped! So now i don't think i can get them over here!

  • Hmm I create deficit every day, My intake is set at around 1670 to create a 2lb weekly lose (To hold weight I require 2855 acording to WLR). Through exercise I create anywhere between 300 and 800 extra daily cals but usually only eat half of them This week I am currently 860 cals under my total allowance (inc exercise cals).. have I lost any weight? Have I buggery. I think I must have a rare medical condition that the more I exercise I put weight on or hold the same weight image.

    I do quite a punishing routine on the rowing machine (2000mts in 6mins 10 record for my age group is 5mins 43 secs) or 500 meter sprints then rest 500meters over 3-5000 meters and if on exercise bike try to maintain above 18mph on a high resistance for anywhere between one or one and half hours. It seems that these alone are not enough for me to lose weight which I dont really understand. This is on top of running (when I am able see below )

    I guess the cals intake/output is not right for me although the maths should stack up! I lost 3 stones on weight watchers points system after my weight went up to 15 stones when I gave up smoking and that was without exercise. I think I will go back to that and try that again!

    No running again for another week had 3 nice steady runs at 2 miles all felt good, did a steady 3 mile then my leg felt very heavy and I was slapping my right foot down. Physio thinks I might have a prolasped disc pressing on the sciatic nerve (hope I havent and its just the pyroformis playing up still).

    Sorry for the rambling but can get a bit dispondant if you put effort in everyday with watching what you eat, no treats all healthy food no cheating on sweets/snacks and for 3 weeks now no change in weight image

  • Rodeo- I'm going back to counting WW points.  Think I need some structure to help me get back on track.

    Sure Vixx will know but maybe your deficit is too much or you're building up some more muscles with all your exercise

    Did a 13 miler this morning and then polished of a lovely chunk of homemade chocolate fruit cake!  Couldn't say no as it was a special birthday celebration run with some friends, and anyway who would want to say no to that! image

    And it was my lunch.  Nice roast chicken in the oven now, with asparagus and carrots, for tea. Replaced curry last night with a healthy serving of chips! Good carboload for this morning

    Running 3 times this week and a 10K race next Sunday. Lurve the money in the jar idea Vixx- fab.

    Hoping my motivation is back on track now, think it might be! image

  • I think the points system works very well TBH, dont know why I came of doing it! Good run this morning Cant wait to get back into it AGAIN image
  • For those who like the scientific stuff......

    I recently found that I have low stomach acid.  That in part is contributing to my weight gain as protein cannot be digested properly, so what isn't digested is turned into fat.  I only found this out when I was told to try the bicarb test.

    This is done first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach.  One teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda should be placed into a glass of water, which is then drunk.  If your stomach acid is normal then you will experience wind and burping after about 10 minutes or so.  If it is not, then you won't.

    I'm not saying that you all suffer from something like this, but with dieting reaching new levels, then my train of thought is that if we are continually starving our bodies - which I did on and off from the ages of 11-24 - then stomach acid production will decline to a degree, as well as natural decline in production due to aging.  I always thought that I had screwed up my metabolism due to such a long period of yo-yo dieting, and while my thyroid tests are fine, and were done 4 months ago, stomach acid issues would not show up on a test of that nature. It's not necessarily that anyone even suffers it, it may be just me and the odd other person, but I'd be intrigued to see how many people who 'diet' have this issue.

    It's a cheap way of seeing how your body is functioning on a digestive level, doesn't involve the doctor, and may give some answers to some of you.

    E-mail me if you want further information or have questions.


    I am not a doctor, so if you feel you need medical advice or assistance, then feel free to discuss this with them.  I cannot be held responsible for individual choices made as I have no prior knowledge of medical history.

    I have to put that in - sorry to sound businesslike......

  • Foxy - ironic that you are having chicken, no? imageimage

    Rodeo - I don't think you are eating enough to be honest.  Did you have any pain on your run, or did the leg just feel heavy?

    Sydney - the deficit will depend upon how many calories your body will need per day, not the amount that you are or are not eating.  For example, if your body needed 2000 calories, and you only ate 1600, then you already have a 400 cal deficit before you have exercised.  Thus if you burn off another 300 in exercise, you are 700 out and not 300.

    Can you import oat cakes into Oz?  We could send you a rescue parcel......

  • If I diet properly and sensibly I lose weight. Last autumn I lost 8lbs in about 6 weeks with running and WW because my head was in the right place to do it. It's just hard to get my head in the right place and exercise self-control for any length of time. heh ho. At least I know I can do it. Just have to get motivated.

    Foxies lurve chicken, left over in a stir fry tomorrow night. image

     What can you do about your stomach acid Vixx- eat grapefruit before each protein meal? Maybe that is how the grapefruit diet works?!

    Can you fix it?

    My knees REALLY ache, thank goodness tomorrow is a rest day.image

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