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  • well done on weight loss or joining in to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     vixx image because my clothes reallllllly dont fit!!! BUT (pma) image because i am out to fix it!

    must buy mental ketchup!!!image

  • Your clothes will fit soon Kelly image
  • losing weight is always a great excuse to buy new clothes image ive had to repalce all my 36" jeans with 34" jeans and now im moving onto 32" jeans, and once i shift another stone i'll be done to 30" jeans, thanks god for ebay !!
  • I have always bought XL clothes - even though I don't need them to be that size.  I hate showing off my body, but am working on that issue, so that when I am nice and toned I won't mind showing it off.


  • im obsessive about clothes fitting me perfectly, used to always be in xxl tops and now i buy medium and jeans have gone from 36" to 32".

  • Hmm....... 2 more boxes of chocolates have landed at my fingertips . . . . . . ..  oh dear . . .
  • throw one this way if you like RLTW image
  • Share the calories around - that way we can all burn off a little and save you having to burn off a lot.....


  • image  Maybe I should bring them all up to London!
  • There you go - a lot of people will be grateful for them image
  • Cake day chez Foxyimageimage.

    Have been for a little runimage.

  • Hey everyone, lookslike there's been some good losing, well done everyone.....and i like the sound of this PMA!

    Well, another good weekend for me (i'm good at weekends, bad in week) - went running both mornings (5.3m saturday and 4.1m sunday) - have eaten really well and not have any chocolate, cakes or biscuits (my usual downfalls).

    Its now sunday night here and i've managed to find a live broadcast of the marathon online so will sit in bed and watch!

    I'm also well prepared for the week, have a couple of portions of chilli & brown rice, some jambalaya, and 2 different soups all in the freezer so no excuse for bad eating!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

  • Happy Birthday Foxy image

    Sydney - have you managed to see much of the race - the men's race is shaping up nicely image

    Am going for a run in a bit.....

    Happy Marathon Sunday everyone image

  • The internet stream died at 2:16 in the women's race! Just read that Irina won in 2:22 and mara second in 2:23 with a PB by over 2 mins so really pleased for her!

    Have a gppd run Vixx!

    And happy birthday Foxy!

  • Oh no - gutted for you Sydney.  Irina had a good lead, so it wasn't overly interesting to watch, but the men's race is really good.....
  • gppd run was meant to be good run!

    I'll have to make do with live blogs....and then highlights tomorrow

  • Men's race finished - Sammy Wanjiru won in a new course record.

    And we had the obligatory vomit shot too.... can't remember who that was though.

  • Afternoon all, and happy cake day to Foxy image

    Would have popped in yesterday to report the weight thing, but RW was down. Weighed in pre-run at 12-8 and post-run was 12-6, but then have been eating more cake and nice food, and drinking muchos wine since then image

    I WILL be good this week - PMA and all that. More 'proper' carbs and fewer cakes & biscuits.  Yesterday's run was not good, felt like I was dragging a tank behind me - that'll be the excess couple of stone then image

  • Thank you all- been scoffing and drinking low fat white wine since lunch and about to really go for it with a few friends.


    You know what they say "Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we work!" I have choc brownies made to cover that eventuality!

    Today does not count.imageimageimageimageimage.

  • Ello

    Back late last night from rugby tour with our lad. They got to semis so well chuffed with them as it was a scratch team.

    Errrrr...drank quite a bit and ditched the healthy eating. Was all burgers and crisps I'm afraid. I need to be careful this week and I should be okay. Cycle commute tomorrow.image

  • Hey everyone, i'm very happy with myself today as i really struggle to eat well at work and i had a really good day. Porridge and strawberries for brekkie, apple, chilli & brown rice for lunch, then a friend gave me a couple of square's of dairy milk which was actually yuck as it tastes different over here (to stop it melting) then a banana......then i came home and went for a run, just 3.5miles but it all counts.

    All in all a good start to the week, i'm going to have to weigh in early this week as i'm away for the weekend, off to fraser island off the queensland coast for some beach fun & camping - so a weekend of bbqs and no running - not sure what that will do for the waist line!

    Oh, also i took advantage of the time difference and entered the london marathon today (early on before anyone was up and the site crashed) - this is my 3rd entry - i'm actually one of the few people who doesn't want to get in, i'm just building up my entries so i can do it in a couple of years when i have a more solid base!

    Off to bed soon, have a good day everyone!

  • Good work Sydney. Night night! (Weird saying thatimage).

    I am trying (unsuccessfully) to enter online ballot for London marathon as well. This will be my fourth consecutive entry and, like you, half of me is hoping to be rejected.

  • Unfortunately some of us round here actually want to do the London Marathon, have been trying to get on their site since 8.15am and Virgin are denying that entries opened before 9am. image
  • Think I'm about a pound lighter than this time last week, but I really don't count that as weight loss, more fluctuation.  You can put that back on again with one meal!  Not overly bothered about weight loss at the moment as Edinburgh mara is only 5 weeks away.  Would have been nice if more had come off, with running 33 miles last week though!  Starving today after yesterday's half ,and seem to be craving carbs image.

  • No joy with VLM site either Yeti <stamps foot>
  • Yeti - the trouble with the system is that if you want to get in you almost have to accept that you'll have 4 rejections (I think it's 4) first which has developed a system where for anyone who wants to do it in a particular year it makes sense to apply for several years previously first. If I get a place I'll either do it myself or give it to someone who really wants to do it but gets rejected so no-one loses out.
  • afternoon all, dont think im bothering with FLM for next year, got my first marathon this year and will see how that goes before i ever apply for another one !

    well i had my 10k race on sunday and going by the theory of 6 secs off your time for every 1lb lighter you are i was hoping for a PB. last 10k 2 weeks ago i was exactly 4lb heavier on the morning of the race, managed to beat my PB by 14 seconds and for the first time ever dipped under the magic 45 mins marker !!!!!!! finished in 44:56 image not quite the full 6 seconds per lb but pretty damn good all the same

  • well done SJ - good going
  • Finally got through on VLM site - muchos patience is required!  and keep refreshing when it says "page cannot be displayed"

    RTG - I'm thinking the same as you - just eating normally for these 5 weeks, any odd pound lost will be a bonus, but more likely fluid lost rather than fat.  I'm giving into carb cravings - just trying to make sure they're more the good sort than bad, e.g. toast rather than cake!

  • Well done yeti and thanks for the tips. I am now getting a page that says "try later" so someone has obviously caught on but they also say "due to unprecedented demand". Errr, I doubt the level of demand could be described as unprecedented.image
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