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  • if you ever need a bit of motivation to get out for a run,  then just give me a  shout if you want a running partner. lifes a little hectic with the kids at the moment but i can always try and squeeze a run in somewhere !!

    hoping to get out tonight once the kids are in bed

  • evening all!

    haven't been able to get to computer all day so finally signing in with my weight. still 58 kg so none lost. booo image but then i'm not really surpisred as it hasn't exactly been the healthiest week ever.. but am glad i haven't put on either image

    and am feeling positive for tomorrow and next week. roll on may!

    well done everyone, it seems to have been a fairly successful week overall!!

  • katie

    i was following a hm programme from smart coach but have slipped a bit with it since having a break over easter and due to achey shins. so not sure whether to start back where i left off or ease in more gently. so far ive been going with the easing in gently approach, but maybe a little too gently!

  • Hiya.

    I still have the remains of 2 boxes of birthday chocolates.  Have started feeding them to the kids (they gave them to me!).  This time last year I was doing brilliantly and had been dieting for 6 weeks when my birthday came along.  Why couldn't they give me flowers?  I have to get rid of them before I can start my diet (the chocolates, not the kids!) Once I get all the 'right' things in and the 'wrong' things out I can usually set my mind to it and can stick to the virtually fat free routine.  I allow myself the occasional night out with the girls.  There's no fun in dieting if you can't have a blow-out from time to time.

    Forgot to weigh myself this morning - will try to remember tomorrow, but I'm predicting a bit of an increase due to excess birthday chocs.

    Goals -

    Lose half a stone                   by 12th June 2009

    Lose a stone                           by  24th July 2009

    Lose a stone and a half        by  4th Sept 2009

    Then run a sub 2:30 half at Great North Run when I will gain all the benefits from increasing speed due to weight loss image

  • Go for it RLTW - it sounds like a good, balanced plan, and we will help to keep you motivated along the way image
  • Woohoo thats my first run tonight in just over month image.  Physio gave me the all clear had a steady 2 miles at 11min/mile pace. Pyroformis a little sore but felt very good in general except feet ached but then have been on my feet all week at NEC exhibition. Going to do 3 miles a day over weekend see how we go for next week . Boy its nice to be back running.

    Bought a bag of licqourice allsorts to celebrate

  • Wayhey RC - well done you.  Am glad that you are back out running. image

    I have spent all afternoon loading up my garmin onto the training stuff at garmin, and on the fetch everyone website. Am finally done. image

  • Thanks dude, gets a tad depressing driving home everynight seeing lots of people out jogging/running. There was temptation to go and run but glad I never. Forgot how to use my Garmin image
  • Rodeo Clownz - Good going. Don't rush it now.

    I need to do that too Vixx (Garmin/Fetch)  I entered most of my races (completed ones) onto Fetch but haven't put in the training sessions yet. Although I originally registered on there ages ago, I found it difficult to navigate around.  It's not the easiest of sites to find your way around is it?  (and it scared me to death when a total stranger bet on me! - I didn't achieve my  predicted finish for that oneand so I really felt I had let them down).   I think I have now changed my settings so that only my buddies can see stuff.  Wonder what happens if I load stuff from my Garmin which includes the racesI have already entered manually?  Hmmm . . . not sure.

    Really need to try out my new Asics tooimage

  • Vixx76 wrote (see)

    Go for it RLTW - it sounds like a good, balanced plan, and we will help to keep you motivated along the way image

    You had better confiscate the bag of Foam shrimps and bananas that my son has just brought home from the cinema then (and the rest of the choccies)

    I will go to Asda tomorrow (make that today!) and load up with all the diety type stuff.  I never starve myself when I'm on a diet.  I can't be doing with going hungry.  I just have to make sure that there is always something to nibble on even if it is a ryvita.   I just go for anything that says less than about .5g fat per 100 grams(though actually the bag of sweeties I just finished off says only .1g per 100g image )  I don't often look at the Energy  values as most of the stuff with very low fat  is also low calories too - unless it 's sweets or meringue.

  • Keep an eye out though RLTW as stuff that is low in fat is often higher in sugar or salt.....
  • Morning everyone. How's things? 

    Weighed in this morning (lighter in the mornings and other weigh-ins have been morning). A steady 2lbs this weekimage.

    BBS - M - 39 - TWL: 2.5 stone - WLTD: 1 August 2009 - WWL: 2lbs - TWL: 11lbs Running Goal: to run GNR in under 1:50

    I have added a running goal too (good idea RLTW)

    Feel like I have lost more and a few comments from people this week that I have lost weight off my face. The cycle commute is definitely helping - I have cycled about 65 miles since Monday!

    Have a great weekend everyone. My first job of the weekend is? Staining the decking. Want to do it this morning to get it over with. I am going to attempt a run later.image

    RunLikeTheWind (Hurricane in training!) wrote (see)
    I just go for anything that says less than about .5g fat per 100 grams(though actually the bag of sweeties I just finished off says only .1g per 100g image )  I don't often look at the Energy  values as most of the stuff with very low fat  is also low calories too - unless it 's sweets or meringue.

    RLTW - that's what I do (the less than 5% fat thing) - I got it from Rosemary Conley when I lost all my weight 10 years ago.

    mr sj wrote (see)
    if you ever need a bit of motivation to get out for a run,  then just give me a  shout if you want a running partner. lifes a little hectic with the kids at the moment but i can always try and squeeze a run in somewhere !!

    Mr SJ - may well take you up on that at some point. I need to get back into it first though. I'd be way too slow for you at the moment.image

  • Morning all.

    Big boozy, foody night last night so glad it's a whole week until the next weigh in. Starter was smoked salmon so not bad, main course wasn't too bad either, however the desert and cheese and biscs may have been my downfall. image 9 mile run tomorrow should go some way to ameliorate the damage.image

    Enjoy running this weekend.  RLTW- def. feed the chocs to the kids, it's the only way.  Mine bought me riding lessons for my birthday last weekend- slightly healthier!image

  • blith - just let me kow when. also, i meet up witha  few people from fetch once a month for a run from whitley, its about 8 miles and we run nice and slow, about 11 min mile pace and your welcome to come along on that sometime. theres one on bank holiday monday and then next one is 9th may. jsut let me know if your interested and i'll give you the details
  • Afternoon all!  Well done on all that weight lost everyone image

    Well, as expected, I certainly haven't lost any weight this week.  Was unable to weigh myself this morning as usual pre-run, because I've got friends staying and it would have meant me standing on the scales in my kitchen in my undies at 8am!  They were both out when I got back though, so I do have a post-run weight, which is 2 lbs heavier than last week's post run weight, although the same weight as last week's pre-run weight. I wouldn't be surprised if I had put on 2 lbs after all the cake and chocolate, and erm, lots of pasta with no running!

    On the upside, I did 13.25 miles in 10:11 pace, which is an unofficial HM PB! image  Not bad considering I've had a dodgy knee and no running since last weekend.

  • Good run Yeti even if it is unofficial.

    I just logged another 2 miles (second run returning from injury) the leg feels a little heavy but no twinges so fingers crossed. Again another slow run 10min/mile then 20 miles on the bike. Stir fry prawns for tea with half a hundred weight of beansprouts (Love the beansprouts) and 2 salmon fillets image.

  • Chocs nearly gone.  They are really the result of an OH with no imagination ! I would rather have plants or seeds!  (or have my greenhouse put up!)

    Didn't weigh myself again today - was on the laptop til 3am then decided I was going to get up at 8am to go to to a sing-along-aCarmina Burana! Great fun.  Yummy ham, egg and chips for lunch image between the sing-along and the 'performance'

    Need a cup of tea now.

  • Hi everyone - just a quick message to say that I am going on holiday to Snowdonia tomorrow until Friday.

    I hope everyone has a great week image

  • Hey all, will have a read back and see what you've all been up to. I had a fab weekend on Fraser Island, mainly beach, camping, swimming, 4-wheel-driving, really good weekend! But also lots and lots of food!!

    I weighed myself the morning i left and was so happy as i was 9 st 13.8lbs - thats the first time the scales have started with a 9 for a while...i reckon i'll be back in the 10s so going to be good for a few days and hopefully dip back under by friday.

    I'm now shattered and have a headache so looking forward to finishing work and heading home for some sleep. Hope you're all enjoying your long weekend!

  • ahhhh sydney. 9st 13 lbs. i haven't weighed that little since i was about 10. well done for getting into the next stone bracket down. i'm in admiration.

    i think one of my arms weighs that much. big bones, they say.  covered in a generous swaddling of lard, i say.

    keep up the good work.

  • Yeah, that was friday though before i went camping and ate for 3 days solid...not sure it would be that now but give me a few days and hopefully i'll be back there.....
  • Hi Sydney- well done!  Is Fraser Island where they have the fairy penguins?  Sooooo cute.
  • imageVixx - you can't leave us for a week. You're chief motivator !image

    Was well grumpy yesterday. Don't know what got into me but am feeling positive again today.image

    Day out up the Coast today assuming weather holds offimage

  • hey everyone - happy bank holiday!

    me and the oh started ours in style with a 6 mile pavement pound... it was his first outing since the FLM and my first on the concrete for a while, i have been doing doing loads of speedwork on the treadmills.

    put two pounds on at weigh in on friday image but was comfort eating with a four day tension headache.... am feeling lots better now and stuck to my calorie allowance yesterday image and had scrambled egg, rye bread, mushrooms and tomatoes for brekkie after the run.. am back on the wagon agin!!!!!!!!!

    x x x 

  • One sneaky post before I leave......

    BBS - you will be fine.  Keep up the cycling, and enjoy your Fetch run, if you go on it.  You can have a fantastic week, but make sure you enjoy your Bank Holiday image

    Sydney - well done on dipping under the stone mark.  Even if you have gone up slightly over the weekend, you can still dip back under once you have gone back to your normal eating pattern.  It sounds like you had a fantastic time though - glad you enjoyed it.

    LS - I too am big boned with a generous helping of the fat stuff.  We can do it together image

    Kelly - well done on your 6 miler, and well done to your OH too. And so early in the morning too!!!

    mr sj - hope you have a good Fetch run too.  It'll be a slower pace, but sometimes it is nice to just get out and have a chat and a run.  You may motivate someone slower to keep going.  You may be motivated yourself.....

    RLTW - have a good week, the chocs are nearly gone and you can get focussed on where you want to be heading.

    Foxy - have a good week and have a good Bank Holiday.

    To anyone I have forgotten - enjoy your week, enjoy your training and just remember that even if we slip slightly - it's not a landslide, and we can just get up and carry on with our weight loss path.  

    You are all doing SO well at the moment, even if you have gained slightly, there is still the opportunity to make good.

    See you on Friday night everyone image

  • Vixx, you're sooooo good at reading and replying to everyone's comments. We WILL do it together. You are definitely keeping my motivation up. Thank you.

    Now, log off and have a fab week. We will weigh in on Friday and hopefully our big bones will be a higher percentage of our total body weight.

  • i had my crispy pancakes tonight image


  • Hey, 10 stone 2 this morning so some work to be done to get back to the 9s....

    Foxy, whats this about fairy penguins?? Not on fraser, the sea has great white sharks in it and the insland has dingoes on it.....nothing cute about those!

  • i lost 3lb last week, then put it all back on over the weekend. typical! image

  • Ooh better join this thread.  Serious lard issues.

    Will weigh in on Friday if I may?

    Sydney - Fraser Island.  Remember it well, back in 1989 ouch.  Nearly turned over the 4x4.  

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