Saturday 18th April 2009


Thanks for kind words about my little race.

What - National Relay
Why - for my club.  Also one of 2 runs to decide if I'm doing FLM

SL - well done on the 5 mile race.

Happy running all and hope to see a few of you at the relay.


  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Morning folks.

    Hilly - I didn't realise FLM was still in doubt? You're in really good shape from what I can see, so fingers crossed you get to toe the line.

    What: 6m rec d&d / ~12m later incl a 6m/10k TT
    Why: Schedule.
    Last hard: Wednesday.
    Last rest: 17/03.
    Lyrics: Nope.

    Despite only 1 short rec jog y'day (didn't bother with the second one as the knees were that sore), my knees were still a little stiff this morning, though much improved. More worrying is that the left-hand side of my torso is still really tender and sore. It is improving, but I'm still having to take anti-inflams and paracetamol to manage it, which means the first run of the day tends to be a little painful as I do it before taking anything..... The problem is that the anti-inflams irritate my stomach, so it's catch-22. I may run easy instead of time-trialling later if I still feel this tender.

    Have a good day all and best of luck to all racers.

  • Morning all, I've been moving so apologies if anyone has asked me anything. Have I missed much?

    What: NHTT + miles
    Swim PM
    Why: chilling
    Last hard: not training enough while moving
    Last rest: Friday 13th March
    Lyrics: no

    Hilly - assuming you rest well I can't think of any reason not to run FLM.

    Twiggy - WTF has happened now ?
  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭

    Good morning,

    What: short slow run
    Why: shins tender still from Thursday's faster stuff
    Last hard: Thursday
    Last rest: Dec 24
    Lyrics: nope

    TMR: sadly can't make the 12 stage this year, but will be thinking of you all. Don't forget the sun block for when you are basking in the rays near the pool eating ice creams.

    Hilly: as Gobi says re FLM. Nothing to lose given all the hard work up to this point.

    Have a good day all.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • morning all.

    hope the move has gone smoothly Gobi

    What: 7 miles easy done
    Why: it's saturday
    Last hard: thursday?
    Last rest: 16 Feb

    Off to sports massage now - my neck and shoulders have been getting more and more painful.  osteopath wasn't available until thursday so I thought I'd try massage.  Because of my scoliosis I get a bit twisted and the muscles tighten up.  

    Must dash.  have a good saturday all.

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭
    Gobi - nothing. The chest/back is still just fallout from the dislocated rib - muscles are still stretched and tender. Knees are just a little achy as fallout from a pair of Streaks that I've had to retire (knees have been very sore after the last two runs in them, think it's a quality issue with them as they're 200m short of what I retired the other pairs at and they're the same pair that cut my foot up at Bramley).
  • Stll just plodding round gently to get miles back in the legs.

    Another 5 planned for today and really looking forward to it, will be a nice scenic one round the posh estate and up round the golf course (what else are golf courses for)?

    Smart coach suggests I should be doing all these steady miles at 7:51, but I seem to be doing them all at about 7:35 as that seems to be my natural steady jog pace - I don't think there's any need to try and force myself to slow down by those extra 16 seconds if I feel comfortable?

    Gobi/Rach - Rach mentioned another thread that she used to fit in high mileage round a job in the city and a 5 hour commute - if either of you are reading can you just mention how the day was structured to make that do-able?

  • Morning all,

    AB:  I fit highish mileage round a city job and 4 hour commute.  It's mainly done by running at lunchtimes and making the hours up around it, but it requires a sympathetic boss.  When I'm doing doubles, I switch to running before work and getting in later with no lunch break, and then in the evening, but it requires a sympathetic wife. 

    • What:  7m at existential crisis ridden tethered cart horse pace ridden by a tub of lard pace
    • Why:  Recovery.  And the mara's 98% aerobic so forget the lung-searing, tibia fracturing stuff. 
    • Last Hard:  1/1
    • Last Rest:  16/3

    Have a good one!

  • Afternoon,

    Friend's birthday celebration last night so feeling a bit delicate today!

    What: 5.5M carefully
    Why: hung over taper
    Last hard: getting out of bed this morning
    Last rest: Wednesday

    Tomorrow is my local 5M race and I'm now regretting not entering.  I decided to give it a miss with Stratford coming up next week, but now I wish I was going to be there.  But race is full and they don't take entries on the day, anyway.  Oh, well, might go along to watch - I can stand at the top of the killer hill (4-4.5M) and shout encouraging things (like "It's not a walking race, you know!").

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Hurstborne 5m XC / Trail race

    So the first running of this event..... a Hilly XC 5m race... cant be that hard.... oh yes it can... I know the hills and was sure it was going to hurt and it did....

    Made nicely interesting by the heavy rain the last few days, studs were the only option...

    A nice warm up and chat with locals and fetchies / Forumites and off to the start....

    1m - 8:20 - Yes a Hill, then a steep ****** climb knew it was there and took it steady,
    2m - 6:48 - The top and time to open the legs quickly move up the field from 18th to 12th and feel good. The studs are doing the job, feet soaking wet mind you and very muddy...
    3m - 6:37 - Up to 10th and pushing and all alone 100m ahead at least and 75m behind.
    4m - 7:36 - The sting, half way down, turn and up, up and up 100m of 1 in 2/3 in long grass.
    5m - 6:08 - the best for last WWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE down the hill all the way to the finish...

    Cross the line in 10th 35:31 and 3rd V Male (£15 running shop voucher) 1st prize in running and very happy indeed.

    Great new race, not easy, but great all on a dodgey tummy as the pizza last night wasnt best and didnt feel too great last night or this morning... now out the system....

  • Nice running RFJ

    NHTT for me

    2nd in 16.56 - seems like a long time since I ran sub 17. Course record was broken by a chap from AFD who ran 15.59.

    Looks like things are starting to come back.

    Hurt like hell though :¬)
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    well dones rfj and Gobi, will have to do the NHTT one day soon (I keep saying that...but Saturday is long run day usually!!)
    SL - Pennine Way was great, but I think the sinage is far clearer , and also most guides are written that way, if you do it the conventional way (i.e South to North). That said only missed a couple of turns mainly through low clouds and fog and nothing that the ability to use a compass can't sort out. Some beautiful places (Middleton, Dufton & Malham spring readily to mind) but some awful drudgery on moorland in yucky conditions - horizontal sleet towards the Tan Hill Inn by far the worst. Would also give myself more time if I did it again, although part of the challenge was doing it in 10 days...The walk done into Edale was also a struggle on tired legs...

    Running wise, returned to the saturday crew for an easy 13.4 miles in 1:46, legs seemed OK, although I noticed a small niggle in my calf, see how that goes tomorrow.

    Have a super weekend

  • Dustin, sounds like you had a good time. Did you do it alone? and would it have been any harder to run it (gently) ? presumably you carried all your stuff,which would be hard to run with ?

    I've had a great day watching, walking round the course with Tigger and talking to loads of folk, including BR and Hilly, Blisters and little Miss Blisters who has a great fondness for Tigger, several people I met in the Algarve etc etc, and I didn't mind at all that I wasn't running!  The only person I was looking for and didn't find was clink.  Hilly said she'd seen you around, but that didn't help much.  The autumn relays maybe ?

    What:  30mins, exactly, very easy
    Why:  following coach's advice (though I think it was what I'd suggested to him anyhow), to make up for not obeying instructions tomorrow - though I saw him this afternnoon, and he knows I not intending too.image

  • Hilly - good luck for the relays - do you have a flat leg? Don't quite understand how these races will make you decide whether to run FLM or not.

    Tipp Top - your early morning runs should be easy - really easy, so you can do the harder stuff in the evening or if you are at your best in the morning and want to get the tough stuff out of the way can't see why you can't reverse it. My father used to call Kevin Ryan who ran 2.12 - sleepy Ryan as he only ever saw him run his early morning easy run.

    alehouse - why don't you keep it all easy until you can really build up your runs, and just throw in those little 5ks now and again to see your progress.

    SGQ - sometimes it is good to save the extra edge - good luck for Stratford.

    RFJ - great stuff - neat to get the rewards - you really have found a purple patch.

    Gobi - really pleased for you too.

  • RFJ - your descriptionof the cross country had me giggling - reminds me of the sadistic schools county cross country courses they used to lay out for us. Big downhill start knowing that because we were young we would all sprint to the bottom, and then we'd have to turn and come back up an incline that should really only be tackled by grown men with industry approved climbing apparatus!
  • TMR - sounds like you had a lovely day out.

    What: 10 miles with group - good run - one big hill.

    Good running everyone

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    RFJ - well done on the 5k xc and 3rd Vet.

    Gobi - speed is coming back quickly image Brian Wakem again I presume?

    TmR - what was his opinion on your planned disobedience tomorrow? image

    NZC - I do keep my recoveries to a very easy jog. I would have preferred to do the TT this morning on account of having an extra long one tomorrow and the fact that we were away for the day, but between still struggling with the fallout from the dislocated rib (in terms of the muscle damage involved in relocating it) and the knees from the now-retired Streaks it wasn't possible. (Good God, I really sound like a crock at the moment!). I was told at the start of the week to adjust if necessary, so in the end I bagged 10m easy this pm instead of time-trialling.
    All things considered I'm happy to have only missed one of my prescribed runs given where I was at the start of the week, though I was particularly looking forward to this one image
    The good news is the knees feel almost 100% again, and the muscle pain seems much reduced, so tomorrow morning should be my first really fun run of the week image
    Oh, and really liked the sleepy Ryan one image

  • TT, "I wouldn't, but its your call" "why not ?" "you've done too many races in the last  few weeks" I think he is more concerned with my head, with the races not going well, than my legs having time to recover.   I feel OK cos he now knows I intend to do it, so I'm not going behind his back.
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