Snickers where are you?



  • ooh my home town
    Good pubs there
  • i spent 8 years of my life at pocklington school - i remember the cross country runs to millington or somewhere up a nasty hill and across a very muddy field before coming down chapel hill and running through town to west green.!
  • I've never done that one, i'll give it a try,although chapel hill is now a housing estate.
  • Old Timer, found a picture you could use. If you're interested mail me.

    Snicks how about a nice picture of a glass of wine?

    WWR, no luck with that digital camera. It could always be a pint of Guinness!
  • we have a digital camera in the office, but guess what - it is taking out of focus pictures.

    i have no idea what's wrong with it (and don't say focus - 'cos it ain't got a manual override)
  • chapel hill, a housing estate? - do you need ropes and oxygen to get to your houses? - i recall it was bit bloody steep when i last ran down it
  • Unbelieveable but true!Chapel hill is indeed a housing estate.The houses there are built into the hillside,most are three storeys with the bottom one, the garage.How they manage in winter getting the car up and down, god knows!
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