Long Bennington 10K

Hello all,

 anyone done the 10k and if so what is the course like, flat, scenic - fast etc.

 Thanks - Jase


  • Hi Jase

     I've done this race for the past two years- in fact it was my very first 10K. Not doing it this year as it's on the same day as Larwood Healthy Hearts, but otherwise I'd have been there.

    Only about a hundred runners- I did just over 46 minutes and came 19th- my highest ever position!

    Course is just about a figure of eight- you see the leaders popping out of a sidestreet as you run past them. It's very flat and I would say fast. Got my PB there but was so fast compared to other races that I suspected it may be short of 10K (didn't have a Garmin then so couldn't measure it). Scenery is lovely- mostly country lanes, out over A1 and then re-cross back into the village. The race HQ is a cricket pavilion and they cranked up the barbeque last year with hot dogs and burgers at the end. Easy parking in the farmer's field over the road from the pavilion.

  • Thanks for the update Bobby that was really helpful, sounds ideal to be honest and I was also thinking about Larwood, but chose this as I want a flat course for a pb - and the other half is running it aswell and it's only her second 10k.

    All in all sounds brilliant, do you know if the results for the previous two years are available anywhere?


  • Hello Guys

    Are the doing a 10k or 5k this year??



  • Hi Wyn,

     I'm running it as a scheduled race on the way to the Chester Marathon, great run last year and aiming for a PB this year!

     You doing it?


  • This Date is on Monday not Sunday.Or if the Organiser relise 10th May is on Monday.Its confused us?
  • hey Jas

     I'm hoping to do the 5k if its on, i Cant seem to find any details anywhere about the long bennigton 5kg.


     thanks speedy bear for infor


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