6 days to go and my feet HURT!!!


did my last long run yesterday, 10 miles. Felt great apart from my feet. My arches really ached and are still sore today. They have been a bit tender before after long runs but settled down and didn't bother me on subsequent runs. Am really, really worried this is going to flare up next Sunday and make it too painful to run



  • Hi,

    Can you elaborate a bit on your condition ??  How is your pronation, shoe type etc...

    This sounds like Plantar Fasciitis:

    You can do a lot to get through this (just google & youtube it).  More importantly is what you do going forward.  Probably need to take a look at your training, shoes, insoles and biomechanics.

    Regards, Bez

  • Don't panic!

    As you said yourself 'six days to go' so rest up. If you end up not running at all this week it won't matter.
    There's nothing you'll do this week that'll effect you performance, all the training's done.
    If it's gonna hurt it'll be afterwards by the sounds of it but to be honest you'll be hurting pretty much everywhere anyway.



    Rolling the soles of your feet and arches on a foam roller or tennis ball helps relieve tightness in this area ... planta whotsit .. like Bez said.

  • Not sure if its plantar fasciitis as its my instep rather than my heel that aches. Am doing the foot rolling thing with a golf ball and also ice in a cup. Its frustrating that it has come on as I'm tapering rather than when I was doing higher mileage. Have just booked to see physio tomorrow, am not expecting an instant cure but at least should get a bit of treatment and advice.

    Can't be any worse than waking up in a cold sweat a few nights ago after dreaming that I forgot my race number!!

  • i am a big underpronator with high arches and regularly aggrevate the 5th metatarsal that i broke when i was 14.

    i have also been a riding instructor for 12 years- long story short, we use epsom salts mixed with hot water to alleviate bruises/sprains & to draw out toxins on the horses. when my feet flare up i mix 1 big handful of epsom salts with some hot enough to bear water and soak my feet for ten minutes, once a day for two days in a row. super cheap, a big pot of the salts is a couple of quid, really relaxing and totally works! i have no idea how it works, something to do with drawing away the nasties...

    i really agree with the tennis ball rolling, that helps me too.

    best of luck on sunday!

  • Honestly Kiki d it's better to have a niggle now because you've done all the miles needed to race. If it happened during you've have had to stop training to rest.
    I'm pretty sure the physio will tell you the same thing (been in same situ acouple of weeks ago, pre-paris) and six days rest will do  the trick

    Be prepared to reassess your goals though. If you start and it hurts you may have to walk / run to finish. Annoying / disappointing doesn't come close but at least you'll live to race another day.

    good luck image

  • Looks like your doing all the right things at the moment to get through this.   Keep rolling on the Tennis/Golf Balls and things will hopefully be fine.  I got a similar pain after my first 20 miler, tennis balls and daily insoles helped me get out of this.  (wouldn´t recommend insoles before the Race as it is too close but afterwards that could help)

    And see what your Physio says....

    Bezt of luck to ya image

    Ohh, and that dream, worst cold sweats ever when you wake up, dreamt that I was 1 hour late to the start, ouch......

  • Thanks for all the sound advice guys. As this is my first marathon i think a little bit of mild panic was creeping in. It helps just having a bit of calm rational thought from other runners. I will definitely try the epsom salts KW.

     Thanks for your good wishes

    In my list of 100 things NOT to do before a marathon have added item 101

    Leave vacuum cleaner out. Get up in night to go to bathroom. Forget vacuum cleaner is in the way and stub toe...Doh!!!!!!!

  • Physio confirmed my self-diagnosis of plantar faciitis. Left worse than right, right foot a bit tender, left tighter and ankle stiffer. Physio has given me loads of exercises, banned me from running till Sunday. Text book advice she said would be don't run but she knows that at this stage it is not an option although I am now very concerned that by running I may do some long-term damage.

    Fingers crossed that (now 5 days) of rest and intensive exercises will improve things enough to get me through

  • kd- hugest best of luck with it all. p.s check you out with the self diagnosis skills!

    let us know how your FLM goes image

  • Kiki d, join the club, I've got PF in my right foot, been to physio, got orthotics (for after I've done FLM), it was touch and go whether I was running FLM, but doing it anyway, although I'm pretty sure it's going to flare up at 20 miles.
  • Hi shouldav,

    if you get to 20miles  then you'll be fine (she says having no idea having never run more than 20!!!)

     Good luck on Sunday. 

  • I DID IT!!! Followed physio's advice to the letter, no running, loads of foot massage and stretching. ALmost pain free by Saturday. Completed the marathon in 4:14:35...and no pain in my feet either during or after....not quite what I can say about the rest of me, but who cares I ran every step of the way and am thrilled with my result. Moral..don't do long runs in trainers that have already done almost 300 miles. Look after your feet!

     Hope it was a good day for you guys too whatever you were doing

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