Do you LIKE running?

Or do you run to keep fit?  I'm not sure if I really like it....I do it because it's something I've always wanted to do...but I'm slow and a lot of the time I find it had to get motivated to get out the door! 

How do you keep motivated (having a lack of motivation at the minute which is bad timing as I have a marathon in two weeks!!)



  • I enjoy it more than I ever thought I would and actually gave up playing football to pursue it more.

    It is now however my main source of fitness so I do it for both fitness and enjoyment

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭

    Here here D2D.... See you at the Northants Ultra!! image

  • I've only just started running more consistently (previously I did the odd run now and again but mainly went to the gym for fitness) but find that I don't actually enjoy the running itself (although it has its moments) but the feeling afterwards of achievement.

    I think that will change and I will start to enjoy the running more, especially if I do more varied routes and improve my distances and times.

  • Ninja....thats exactly how I feel....I really am pleased with myself when I've finished...usually love being out in the's the getting up and going where I'm lacking at the minute (probably just Taper madness!!)

    I think if I was thinner and fitter I'd enjoy it more and running would hurt less....

  • I agree with your sentiments ginger...especially the thinner and fitter part for me too!! image

  • I'm enjoying my running. Previously I only did it to maintain my fitness as a football referee, so it was a means to an end. Now I'm thinking about ditching the refereeing and just running for the sake of it. I've entered a couple of races in May and July and getting a kick out of doing the training for them, especially the post run high you get afterwards. The early starts are hardwork, but it does set you up for the rest of the day.
  • hubby said on Saturday as I was procrastinating: 'but you enjoy running, don't you?'

    I replied: 'I enjoy having run. There's a subtle difference.'

  •  i hate running - because my style is awful and i run like an elephant,

     i love running - because for an hour after my bum and legs look great, the exercize keeps the blues at bay, it gives me chance to indulge in glossy magazines (zest/runners world etc), clothes shopping  and hours in waterstones without people telling me i waste money, it makes the people around me proud of me, i get to indulge in geeky training schedules and excel nerdiness, it keeps me away from the marlboro lights, i can eat big amounts of food the harder i train image,  i love the natural high of a good training session, alot of the women in my family have heart related illness's so it helps keep that in check, the bf runs so we have a huge part of our life in common, i can listen to my ipod as loud as i like without people telling me to turn it down, i get a bath and a lush sunday roast after my lsr on a sunday, i can book half m's and full m's in advance so i can plan my months around training and events rather than benders. 


  • Jj wrote (see)
    hubby said on Saturday as I was procrastinating: 'but you enjoy running, don't you?' I replied: 'I enjoy having run. There's a subtle difference.' ;o)
  • ditto also

    there are times when I really enjoy a run; there are times when I wonder why I bother going out the door......

    but I ain't gonna stop

  • Ditto also. SOme days you get out there and it's fantastic but the thought of it is almost always daunting (unless my kids are fighting and I can gain some peace by running!)
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    I like running. I enjoy it. I wouldn't do it otherwise. I also enjoy that post-run feeling, when I'm minging and stinking, dripping with sweat and often rather flatulent ... which is possibly a bloke thing. I also enjoy eating pies, and enjoying the one enables me to enjoy t'other.
  • I have a sort of love/hate relationship with it....

    about 5 years ago I realised that alot of my running was pointless force of habit, and it was taking up to much of my time. So I made a concerted effort to ban myself from running all  year around.

    I think I have the balance right now as I take big breaks away from I train heavy for about 5 months of the year and aim for an a light bit now and then for about two months (with no set goals other than just getting out for a run when the weathers nice and I fancy seeing a bit of country side - never wear a stopwatch when I do this )and then I take a break where I completely avoid it for about 5  months. Dont run a single step.

    There are much more important things in life to be busying yourself with other than running and personally I think the best way to keep it interesting is to step away from it for decent periods.

    Id like to be able to stop completely for a year or two but I have been running since I was fairly decent  at cross country running at school  - so as much as I sometimes kid myself and say this is definately the last year....I think im stuck with it....oh well there are worse habits you could be stuck with.

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    D2D - entered Northants today. have been meaning to do it for the last couple of weeks but was unsure about whether i was going to be off work or not. Its a fairly local one for me, oly just over the Warks border. Ive done a half that takes in quite a bit of the route too and from what Ive seen its a fantastic place to run!!
  • TwoTinNicTwoTinNic ✭✭✭

    this thread has just made me decide to go for a run when i was trying to find reasons (excuses!) not to..thanks gingerfurballimage

    I want to enjoy running but have been plagued with too much injury to enjoy it for too long without all my progress going to waste!  It is a means to get fit for me but i hope that once i have mastered it i will start to see the benefits and enjoy it..i hope!

  • teehee - cool! even zippy folks agree with me!

    Thing is though, I enjoy being OUT there. I've had to cut my running down to three days a week because of me kneeees, but two or three other days are for cross-training. And what I do for cross-training is yomp around the same countryside that I run in. I tend to keep the really steep, on-all-fours-sometimes hills for the yomping days.

    But the views from the tops of those hills, and the li'l furry critturs I see in the dawn and sometimes in the dark, and the very FACT of being out and breathing the air...oooooh, makes me almost want to come over all American and gushy.

  • Love running - get a real buzz.  Feel quite high & heady sometimes (although not at moment as have injury probs)!!
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭

    Cheers for that D2D, im not too bad with a map and a compass thankfully so pop over to the Northants thread if your up for it. image

  • Jason, running is a good habit to have. Sometimes taking it way too seriously is not as healthy as it's over loading and just full of injurys but there is nothing wrong with running every other day if you don't love it that much.

    Personally I want to get as good as I can at running, but because I'm fairly new I have to take one step at a time. It's get breaking your old PB though, no better feeling than that!

  • Jj wrote (see)
    . But the views from the tops of those hills, and the li'l furry critturs I see in the dawn and sometimes in the dark, and the very FACT of being out and breathing the air...oooooh, makes me almost want to come over all American and gushy. ;o)

    I agree with that...its the country side that inspires me to run most....the winding open trails of the two moors way or the up and down coastal paths I am fortunate enough to have easy access you say you could almost get all romantic and sentimental about it....dont know how people manage to motivate themselves when the bulk of their running is road.

    although there is a flip side to it, mostly due to our rubbish weather........being stuck in the middle of dartmoor on your own after two hours on your feet already and still at least ten miles from anywhere in beating rain and driving winds, soaked to the bone,caked in mud, cursing hell and  all humanity with no way of opting out other than to get to the end does make you question whether there might actually be more enjoyable things you could be doing on a sunday.

  • Yes, but the bath, butties and beer afterwards makes it doubly worthwhile and provides a very high smug factor.
  • running!!! -sodding hate it and hated it for 15 years on and off.
  • After 2 years of not being able to run more than a mile on a treadmill  - let me say that  I have managed to run outdoors twice and let me say that I didn't like it.  I loved it. image

     Really really find out what you like when it's not there.

  • hi everyone

    running is part of my life ..'i've been running since i was a student .. i feel good and satisfied .. I often run together with my friends ...i prefer better. Yes... i like running but respect my limits.

    good run everyone


  • No I hate it, but I like how I feel afterwards and I like eating cakes and crisps
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