Mould in Camelbak tubing

There are quite a few black spots in the tubing of my camelbak that look like mould. Any idea of the best way to get rid of them?


  • Hiya,

    buy some Miltons sterilising tablets and fill your camelbak bladder with it ensuring you fill the tube.  That should kill all the nasties in there.


  • Another vote for Milton but I use the liquid.  I make up a bucket of it and sterilise all my drink bottles.
  • Thanks for that! It looks like I'll be visiting the chemist tomorrow. Do you disinfect regularly, or wait for evidence of mould first?
  • I do it regularly to avoid mould or mildew forming.
  • I use milton but I also have one of those little brushes on a very long springy handle thing.  You can get a kit from wiggle or millets etc its about £10 and comes with 3 different brushes.

    Funny enough I have just finished doing mine.

  • Oh yes, regularly.  By the time the mould has formed it is a bit too late.  You dont want a dodgy belly.
  • agree with using Milton regularly (about avery 4/5 uses) and also with runnerbeen and the long bottle brush - once the mould is showing in the tube, Miltons won't get rid of it but the bottle brush followed by leaving it soak in Milton's for 24hrs will
  • It also helps to keep it in the fridge once it is clean - bacteria etc don't grow very well at 4oC!
  • why take up space in the fridge that could be be better suited for beer??? image

    dry the bladder and tube in an airing cupboard - bugs and fungus don't grow on dry surfaces.........
  • Thanks for that, you've been really helpful. I've also heard of someone keeping their bladder and tube in the freezer! My freezer's always packed full though, so it looks like the airing cupboard wins it.
  • ..or a long piece of wire and one of those crappy blue and white disposable cloths you use in the kitchen (or to degrease the chain on your bike)
  • Don't use any form of washing up liquid though.  Did that once and thought i had rinsed it properly, until i got back after a run, opened it up to empty it and had a foaming bladder. image fortunately I had only drunk a few sips as the weather had turned cooler once I was out.  It was not good.  LOL
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