Sock It To Autism 5

Two months to go to the race. We've had an encouraging steady entry to the race, and would love to see more folks come along for a challenging five-mile run, off road, in a safe environment, and which raises valuable funds for the Hampshire Autistic Society.

 The theme this year, as the title suggests, is silly socks. So if you have a garish coloured pair tucked away in a drawer, an unwanted Christmas present, socks which got dyed in the wash, even an odd pair sitting around, then we'd love to see you.

 There's also a five-mile sponsored walk and a one mile children's walk, so as long as the weather is kind - it is the start of Wimbledon - then it should be a cracking day.


  • Hello Dave,

     Must remember to enter this . A worthy cause . Thanks for the general reminder and come on all you South Hampshire runners get those entries in.

  • Tom,

     Thanks for your support. Hope all is well at Liss Runners. It would be great if a few of the club could make the journey down the A3.


  • I have publicised this with Totton Running Club, and it has gone into our newsletter, so hopefully some entries from our side of Southampton (daughter and I are looking out our socks).
  • Diana,

     Hello, thank you for your support, and it's great to know you will be there. I have to say that sadly numbers for the race are disappointingly so, and I will have to make a call on June 1st whether to go ahead with the event, which is a shame. It's just that with the costs of the race; hire of the park, St John ambulance, medals etc, that it is going to make a loss.

     Anyway, I'm going to keep promoting the race, and will be distributing flyers at races over the next week or so, and fingers crossed there is a late rush.

    Best wishes to everyone at Totton.


  • Doug2Doug2 ✭✭✭
    Hi Peekay - I'd really like to do this but, having already collected sponsorship money for an earlier charity run, I don't think I could ask friends and family to cough up more. I'm willing to make a donation to the society instead, so is this OK ?
  • Doug,

    Hi, there is no requirement to collect sponsorship, you can turn up on the day and run. It's a tenner.



  • PK, I did this last year and hope to do it again this, on the bench for illness at the moment, so not sure.

    Seem to have heard less about it this year than last, but maybe that's because I know it's on...........?

    Anyhow, folks, anyone reading this, give it a go and raise even the entrance fee for Hampshire Autistic Society - they're not part of the National Autistic Society, do a great job and would welcome any extra funds.

  • Carol,

    Hi, thanks for the recommendation, and I also got your email. The race has been advertised in the Winchester newsletter, and a lot of clubs on the south coast have been kind enough to promote the race too, which is great. We have done lots of promotion this year, but sadly we've not had the pick up. But I'm not going to give in yet..

    Hope you're back running soon.


  • Thanks Dave and I'll make sure that I pass the word around whenever I come into contact with someone who might be interested.

    Shame about the take up, but hopefully this will bring more attention!

  • Most enter late Dave, so I hope there's loads more entries coming your way .

    Come on all you runners get those entries in. It's a fun Sat.

  • Hello,

     Unfortunately we've had to cancel the race because of a lack of entries. Even with an on the day pick-up of entries, it is likely the event would have run at a loss with all the facility costs.

     Thanks to everyone for their support for the race.


  • Oh what a real disappointment - such a shame that there aren't enough entries.

    I've been offered a few donations from people, so I'll save them for the GSR - I've got a place from the Hants Autistic Soc, and am hoping to raise as much as I can for them.

    If anyone's going - give me a wave!!

  • Boing!!  Hope you don't mind my doing this.

    CJBA ( wrote (see)


    Just (hopefully) resurrected this page to say that I'm running in the Great South Run (October 25) and am raising money for the Hampshire Autistic Society.

    I know that you don't know me and  times are difficult financially for all of us.  I hope that you won't be offended but as this thread is specifically about autism, I just wanted to let you know and to ask if anyone would be kind enough to donate to my local charity.

    This is my page, details of our story are on there.  If you do feel that you would like to make a donation, then thank you very much. 

    Hope everyone is getting on well.


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