Hiya all, Im lookign for some much needed advice. Fingers crossed this saturday im hoping to go sub 20 min for a 5k at Bushy Park run. My PB being 20.35. Does anyone have an tips for pacing strategies? i know i need to be doing a minimum of 6.25 miles but  any ideas on strategies?

Thanks so much


  • Aren't those runs marked out in Ks?  If so, just check your watch every K, and try and keep below 4mins/K. Easy

    If you get to the first K in anything less than 3.50, you'll need to slow down otherwise you could end up in trouble.

  • push hard for the last 10% -500 meters.

    so prior to the start find the end of the run and estimate 500, 250 meter markers so you can spot them and up the pace the end of the run. it's only 2 minutes or 1 minute.

    if its  not this week try again - why not  the 5k at the sudbury court festival of running. 17th May (WEMBLEY)

  • 1. Go for negative split.

    2. Get a fastish start before all the ground gets sloppy from the slower ones.

    3. Try and stick to the path by the trees on the way up the first straight, it's harder ground usually.

    4. When it begins to flatten just before the playground, you need to have the hjammer down and be up to 95% or so MHR.

    5. You will lose time on the last corners, make sure you take the shortest legal line, you can save yards that way.

    6. Nail for the line after the last tight right by the tree BUT.... watch for the uneven ground, it can turn your ankle at speed and game over.

    7. Keep it nailed till you are over the line.

    8. If it becomes clear to you that you are not going to make it, back off to help prevent injury for the next weeks go!

    Good luck. All IMHO obviously

  • Thank you very much! sound advice...ive done i a few times prior going from 23.30 or so down to 20.35 but always seem to struggle from just beofre the play ground........il try breaking it down and see what happens! Thanks very much!
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