Oh Doctor I'm in trouble.......

Any medics out there? Started running 3 months ago, now up to 1.5 miles 3x a week which I complete in around 16 minutes. Aged 44, non-smoker, about one stone overweight, safe-limit but enthusiastic wine-drinker, controlled asthmatic with IBS! Are you beginning to wish you weren't reading this? On most runs, within two minutes of starting, my left leg begins to feel numb. Sometimes it's the calf, sometimes the thigh, but it feels like dragging something dead along with me! When my thigh is affected it feels sore for the rest of the day. Rest makes no difference, and it comes and goes with no apparent logic. No visible sign of a problem. Does it matter, or should I stop being such a baby and looking for a reason to stop running, and get on with it? Thanx for reading this.


  • Sassie,
    Just a though but what sort of shoes are you using?
  • Oops, should be 'thought'!
  • I've been suffering from something that sounds similar - after about 30mins of running my right foot goes numb.

    I'm off to the doctor next Monday, but a pyshio has said it is probably connect to a nerve in my back, and suggested that I do back strengthening exercises.

    He said it is either that or bad circulation, because those are the only two things that would cause numbness in the legs / feet.
  • Hi Sassie.

    It's probably all that time you spend sitting at the head of the couch :-)

    Seriously, I would suggest that you see your GP as there's a fair chance that you've got sciatica, which is caused by one of the big nerves that goes down your leg getting compressed around the spot where it comes out from between your spine bone in your lower back. If it is, you will be able to take positive action to help yourself without having to give up running.

    Meanwhile, it would be sensible to take a break from running. Swimming, cycling, and using the cross-trainer at the gym will help you to keep your aerobic fitness up.

    Go on, see the doc, and let us know how you're getting on.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Could be tarsal tunnel syndrome, in which case the best thing to do is live with it. I have the equivelant in the wrists which has stopped my motorcycling, there was a surgical solution but the side effects are too dodgy.

    See a doctor, thats the answer.
  • DH - I'm in Asics with the gel-bit for the heel; they seem okay, but then I've never used anything else, so how would I know!

    Off to the doc's I guess. Sciatic nerve sounds likely as I've had that, and other back trouble, on and off for years. I'll let you know, and thanx everyone for such a swift response.
  • Pete, the potential side-effects of carpal tunnel release are certainly alarming, but quite uncommon. I haven't seen anyone lose a hand from it yet. Don't be a scaredy - a pair of little ops under local anaesthetic could have you back on your motorcycle.
  • An update on my numb leg, for those who were kind enough to reply. Dr says that an old hamstring injury (2.5 months ago) is enough to cause the muscle to contract when I run in order to protect itself. That's what's causing the numbness. She's says I can either rest completely, for six weeks, or run through it with the help of ice, when it will eventually adjust. Guess which I'm going to do................?!
  • Bad luck Sassie. Hope it rights itself. So that will be you running with the bag of frozen peas on her leg?!
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