Night sweating

Sometimes in the night I wake up and my sleeping T-shirt is wet. It is not connected with kind of nightmare that I could have dreamed about, or abnormal temperature in room,so I am interested in the possible reasons behind this fenomena. It sometimes happens after a bigger sport load that I do on week-end compare to working days and sometimes when I do less, like now when I am in tapering period for half marathon.
Can this night sweating be correlated with my running or not? Is this a kind of body recovering through the night?
I would like to mention that I do not suffer from this, I can go on with sleeping easily in the night, I am just interested what could be the reason. Thankx


  • After a hard workout, most usually after a period of not running when the muscles have not been used that is when I really feel it. When your in recovery your body releases endorphins which can disrupt your sleep and dreams.

     After a hard set doing weights at night time my dreams and very vivid and sleep disrupted.

  • Night sweats should be mentioned to your GP Felix. it's possibly your exercise but you should discuss with GP
  • Ive had similar problems, its not very often maybe once a month, but i wake in the middle of the night and my chest back and legs are dripping. Im only a slim build and i dont sweat a great deal even when im running...
  • i find it can be related to stress, maybe try meditation before sleep. also can be attributed to alcohol intake.i get it occasionaly usually due to these reasons!image
  • Go easy on me...first post.

     I've done a search for Night Sweats and there are a few old threads but none really answer how people got over the problem. 

    I get really heavy sweating in the night after exercise and only after exercise, not just a bit of sweat but sheets and pillows soaked through and need to be changed every morning. I have to get up, dry myself with a towel and go back to bed.   It doesn't happen when I don't exercise.  I am 28 yr old male so it is not the menopause.  The bedroom is cold when I go to bed, we don't have the heating on at all.  (Can't open the windows as live in SE London).  I tried loads of things to combat this including 5 minute cold showers after exercise, walking around in the nuddy for three hours before bed but it still happens. 

    I am going to the quack but I don't anticipate much useful advice.

     Any thoughts would be welcome...



  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    I get this occasionally - and have done for more than twenty years. 

    It's not related to exercise, happens all year round. 

    It seems to go in phases, for example it's happened twice this week, but hadn't happened for months before that.

  • Hi - thanks for the response.

     It is related to exercise though....

    It has never happened in my life before.  Going to the gym is a new thing and it happens everytime I go never when I don't.  The pattern has been repeated for two months now. 

    So this week Monday, Wednesday = Gym and Nights sweats.  Tuesday = No Gym and No night sweats. 

  • JWrunJWrun ✭✭✭

    Could be the endorphin thing Jamie, I used to get them LOADS but mine were stress/anxiety related as well as noticing a pattern with exercise. I get them every now and again still but i'm less stressed so its not so bad.

    Coud be that your body is getting used to the new workload you're putting on it. I think its one of those things that just happens to some people, it can be a sign of a serious illness (which I'm sure came up in google - it did for me!) but its probably unlikely. Your doc may be more helpful than you think so do mention it.

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    I'm in this club as well. Glad to hear there are other sufferers and I am not alone image

    When I used to cycle my legs got really hot and sweaty, but with running it seems to be a whole body thing. I put it down to increased blood flow with the body trying to repair itself over night.

  • Dear cats, here's a pigeon...

    Due to recent events in my personal life, I've learned that night sweats, particularly those that leave clothing and/or bed sheets wet-through, can be a symptom of Hodgkin's Lymphoma.
  • Thanks all - i know that it can be a symptom of serious illness hence the quack visit and the list its pretty scary but given the 100% correlation to exercise I am not particuarly nervous.  I have no stress or anxiety really. 

    I just wonder if anyone found a way to prevent it...I can't go through the next year sweating ever single time I hit the Gym hard!

  • I too suffer with night sweats and it can vary from just the back of my neck and back to totally dripping and the need to towel myself off and put one over the wet sheets and pillows.  It doesn't happen every night probably 2 or 3 nights a week but I'm glad there are others in the same boat.

  • EdnaModesEdnaModes ✭✭✭
    Would it be an idea to not wear anything to bed on the nights you've exercised? Might help, never know.
  • JWrunJWrun ✭✭✭
    Intermanaut wrote (see)
    Dear cats, here's a pigeon... Due to recent events in my personal life, I've learned that night sweats, particularly those that leave clothing and/or bed sheets wet-through, can be a symptom of Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

    God love the interweb!

  • Yep - already do that!

     Last night - I just had a sheet drapped over my legs...!

  • @JWrun - perhaps I should have mentioned that I got that bit of information from my girlfriend's oncology consultant last Tuesday. Chemo starts tomorrow.
  • JWrunJWrun ✭✭✭

    imageimageimage Jesus - sorry to hear that Inter. Thought you were being sarcastic! All the best for your treatment.

  • @JWrun - don't be daft. I could have worded my last post far better.

    It's 'er Indoors that's got it, and we're both looking forward to it ending, once and for all, by October. I gather the nursing staff all wear tight PVC dresses and moonlight as go-go dancers in gentlemen's clubs these days, so bring it on!

    I'm still trying to clean my mind of the image of jamierunner sleeping in nothing but fresh air. <shudder />
  • JWrunJWrun ✭✭✭

    Well I hope er indoors makes a full and speedy recovery.

    Roll on the stripper nurses - blimey the NHS has changed!!!

  • jeez -  i thought you were taking the proverbial too.  hope all goes for er indoors. 

     Good to get some perspective on the things you worry about!

     All the best,

  • As an observer, chemo looks remarkably easy, if boring. Sitting around for four hours while >2.5l of fluid is pumped in - where does it all go? Before it started, though, I did think that theres no way I can stand-by and go through this for six months, but once it got going it became easier to deal with. Then again, I'm just an observer.
  • jennnjennn ✭✭✭

    I have night sweats, I have had them for years. They came on when I was in hospital for recovery for anorexia: rapid weight gain over a short space of time I gained back 50% of my then body weight having lost 50% of its original weight over two years, so its safe to say my body was messed around a bit. But that was over 10 years ago. Its very very common with those recovering from anorexia and infact most get this as a side effect of weight gain BUT with most it goes soon after the weight gain has stopped.

    The only times they have stopped was when I was losing weight (or more technically called "relapsing") they return like a slap in the face whenever I maintain or gain any weight at all. Its very disheartening and anxiety provoking.

    I have had blood tests, my doctor reads the results and says "nothing is wrong" yet on each test it reveals a hightened level of white blood cells....(which you get in blood tests if your ill) I have no idea what to say, I never feel I have a clear understanding of whats going on so don't feel able to argue without feeling like a hyperchondriac and so not listened to even more so.

    It has been over 10 years now (actually 11 years and a few months) since they started so am thinking I'd have been long gone now if it was anything serious- I worry when I hear about things like cancer as I still don't have a clue whats causing mine as with most people who have an ED history it passes soon after the physical side of recovery is done with. I do eat late at night about 50% of my daily intake, I always wonder if this causes it but again, its been that way for about 8 years and I'd have thought my body would have adjusted by now.

  • tfktfk ✭✭✭

    I think there are lots of potential reasons. I agree that, for me, the heavy sweats seem to SOMETIMES be linked to a hard day's exercise or after a few consecutive days of exercise . My theory is that it is linked to stress in the nervous system (ie the physical stress of the exercise and adapting to it). adaptation happens at night and maybe it is not quite happening as well as it could.

    currently I've got this thing (EMFIT QS) that measures HRV (ie sort of stress) throughout the night. nothing obvious yet to report

  • I also have this issue and is exercise related

    In 2013 I resumed playing AFL football at the age of 32 in Perth WA. After not playing any sport for 13 years.

    My symptoms occurred after medium to heavy exercise (Football Training in the evening 6-7.30pm) or late afternoon games on the weekend. Once my body starts to cool down it seems to lose control of its ability to regulate temperature in a cool environment (during winter) and I begin to shiver fairly intensely. I can stop the shivering by putting some warm clothes on and a doona if going to bed. But shortly after falling asleep I wake up drenched from head to toe in sweat, this can reoccur multiple time during the night.

    I lived in Darwin NT (Tropical Environment) for 3 years and played football during this time. I rarely had the shivering occur due to Darwin always being hot (+30 deg cel). The sweating did occur after hearvy exercise during the night and I would have to change my shirt up to 2 times a night. (Again after football training 6-7.30pm) and even in an environment where I could control the temperature via the air conditioner.

    We are now back on Perth and after my first game last weekend I woke up that night about 3 times absolutely drenched. Clothes and bedding. The following night I continued to sweat (even after no exercise that day) but no where near as bad as the first night. I have read this has happened to others. But after the second night back to normal no sweats.

    Had blood work done and everything normal

    I read a lot of similarities online and interested to see if anyone had found the cause to this issue or any trials that have been performed?
  • FWIW I used to have this happen a lot, and it wasn't linked to the exercise, but to my food choices. If I ate a load of carb, particularly low fibre carb like pasta, or anything sweet, I'd wake in the night completely soaked with sweat. I also get cold sweats/shivers/bonking after eating anything sweet on a long run.

    Might be totally unrelated, but it's another possible explanation to look at.
  • If you're a runner you're probably as weight obsessed as I still am even though I can't run any more (here looking for Swim&Cycle events). So you've probably got a set of body composition scales? After years of night sweats I worked out that if my body is greater than 52% water when I go to bed then I'm in for a night of drenched sheets and pillows.

    My solution is to wear fairly thick pyjamas, because its easier to change those rather than changing the sheets in the middle of the night. Dehydrating myself means keeping off the coffee (too difficult!).
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