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Hi, I am running the Canary Wharf 10k on the 3rd June, and would really like to enter the Harvel 5mile which is on the following Saturday (6th June).

I have run a few 10k races this year and am training regularly.  I have never run two races so close together before.

Will this leave me enough time to recover?

I really fancy the Harvel 5mile as it sounds like lots of fun but I don't want to suffer or injure myself in the process.

Thanks in advance


  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    If you go for it in the 10k you might feel a bit flat in the 5 miler, but I don't think you'll injure yourself or do any great damage. 
  • Thats a good idea, I'm not sure if I can take it easy though, I tend to get carried away on race day and run the final kilometer like Linford Christie. 

     I will try all the same

  • LS21LS21 ✭✭✭
    You'll be fine. I raced a 5 mile Road League last Wed, then a 10 miler Sat, another 5 mile Road League Wed again and then am doing the Sheff Half on Sunday. That's probably very excessive and not to be recommended, but I feel ok. I'd echo Mr P's comments above really - I do feel a bit flat now, but it's just how it's panned out really and I'm fine once I get going.
  • Its good to know someone is crazier than I am!

    If you can survive that lot, then I should have no problems.


  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    It depends how you race. If you treat each race as a flat-out pb assault, you'll need a little time to recover from each one and you'll be at greater risk of injury.  If you treat it as an energetic training run you'll need less time to recover and be at less risk.

    I recently did three half marathons on successive Sundays, followed by 10Ks on the next Sunday and then on the following Saturday and Monday. All the halfs were within a minute of each other but about 5 minutes off my current "good" time. The first two 10Ks were right on the money time-wise but the last one, on Easter Monday, was a bit of a struggle.

    You'll be fine as long as you take the usual sensible precautions - warm up and down and listen to your body.

  • LS21LS21 ✭✭✭

    Edit - reply to Neil. Me and Muttley doing a bit of simultaneous posting there!

    It's not just me either. I know of about 15-20 other people who ran/will run in those exact same races. As I say, you do feel a bit jaded and you prob won't run a PB in the later race, but you'll be fine I think - especially if you've been running a while and are training reguarly. Just listen to your body in between and don't train if you feel really shot. I had a planned 13 mile LSR on Sunday which I ditched, and I did a very pleasant 7 miler on the trails on Monday night instead. Listen to what your body is telling you and you'll be fine.

  • Thanks LS21, Muttley, and Puffy!

  • Until you try it - you really wont know ? I'd go for it, and if you are a bit slower in the second race - you know why !
  • I ran a hilly off-road 10K on Sun 12 April, then a hilly 10K road race the following Sunday.  I took it easy in the week in between, doing only 2 easy early morning runs and my second race was as good as (taking into account different terrain), if not better than my first.  It was the first time I'd done races so close together and it felt fine.
  • My race schedule last year; (Aug-Dec)

    week 1 - BTT 5k  19:56
    week 2 - BTT 5k  19:19
    week 3 - BTT 5k  19:09
    week 4 - BTT 5k  18:40
    week 5 - BTT 5k  18:33
    week 6 - 4.52 mile trail race 30:12 and 5.3k race 19:31
    week 7 - 4.1 mile trail race 26:37 and Trafford 10k, pb 36:47
    week 8 - 4.3 mile trail race 26:27 and Garstang Half,  pb 1:24:11.
    week 9 - 4.5 mile trail race 27:27 and Swinton Half, pb 1:22:00.
    week 10 - 17.1 mile trail race 2:10:09
    week 11 - 5.93 mile race 35:29
    week 12  - Leicester Half, pb 1:19:49
    week 13 - BTT 5k 18:18
    week 14 - Alexandra Park 5k pb 17:26
    week 15 - 5.93 mile race 35:37
    week 16 - Preston 10 mile pb 58:59
    week 17 - BTT 5k 18:13
    week 18 - Cheddleton10k 37:34
    week 19 - Helena Tipping 10k pb 36:27
    week 20 - 4.93 mie race 29:13
    week 21 - Derby Midweek 5k pb 17:25 and Telford 10k  38:48.

    I just got faster and faster until I came down with the flu, that's why Telford is such a poor result.
  • That is impressive Marsh!  I'm not gonna post my times for the 2 10Ks though. imageimage

    But maybe if I keep going ...  I am planning to do at least one race each month this year and in my first 4 my times have progressively come down. 

  • doing the marathon sunday,  then running the the nun run the following sunday!!

     theres some great advice on here about taking it easy, and thats what il be doing at the nun run.

    anyway, how fast can you run in a habit?

  • What do you mean by "run in a habit" ?

     Do you mean my regular times?  I haven't been running for all that long but my 10k  times are approaching 50mins and sub 25mins for 5k

  • sorry, there is a run in london next sunday where everyone is going to be dressed in a nun habit!

    sorry for the confusion

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