Big thanks to Barley and the supporters

A big thank you to all the supporters, who have been organising their support groups, dealing with wibbles, encouraging our confidence and sending us to the naughty step when our tapering madness gets out of hand image

We really do appreciate it all - the lead up and, of course, the support on the day!

A special thank you to Barley for once again taking on the task of organising the support arrangements.


  • Thirded. thank you

    to all the organiser's, marshalls, supporters and runners what ever the weather what ever the result hope everyone has a fantastic day

  • JWrunJWrun ✭✭✭

    Fourthed (?)

    Its great to know there's such good support and guidance for a first timer!

    Have fun on Sunday everyone!

  • Agreed well done all of you.
  • Agree! Your are all lovely!! Soooooo excited now
  • i would just like to add my thanks to all the fantastic organisers and participants in this great idea, you are truly fantastic

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