The order you bought your kit in?

Fairly new to running, been at it a couple of months now, Only been like Forest Gump the past 2 weeks though really.

I was jsut wondeirng what order you buy your kit in? can't afford to go out and spend a bomb really so buy it bit by bit.

I have a pair of running shoes and the good old HRM.

I currently run in normal shorts and a normal t-shirt. I was thinking about getting some socks next and a t-shirt. One of them wicking ones? I see base layers etc are they for winter running more than summer as they seem to be long sleeved.

Any help appreciated.



  • well you've got the most important thing .. a decent pair of shoes

    the rest of it you'll just build up bit by bit. eventually you will have more new running stuff than normal clothes and just when you think there's nothing more to get some helpful soul will convince you that triathlons a good idea and the whole process starts again only this time you need a second mortgage. image

  • You don't need much, I have 2 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of shorts, 3 tee's (2 of which were free from Do running), and a hat and a pair of gloves for when the weather is cold.

    I am going to get a pair of double skin socks this weekend and see if they stop my blister issues.....

  • ps.

    get yourself a proper pair of lined running shorts and/or lycra type shorts next as they're designed to prevent chaffing to some extent then a couple of wicky tops, short sleeve and long sleeve ... that'll keep you going for the summer ... oh and a hat / cap and maybe some shades.

    once it starts to cool down then you're looking at tights, rain wear, wooly hats, gloves etc etc.

    Base layers are predominately cool / cold weather under gear ie thin layer close to the skin to improve insulation but can be worn as a single layer in some cases.

  • Look at the links on your right -->
    and go to Start Fitness for some decent priced stuff.

    Wicking t shirts - invaluable.
    Good socks - as important as good shoes IMHO.

    Enjoy your running image

  • Ebay and TKMax has some good running stuff cheap.
  • Thanks all. It's socks and a wicking t-shirt next I reckon... The triathlon idea is already creeping into my head, i've wanted to do one of them ever since I had my first Ironman Triathlon watch when I was about 11! lol

    Are wicking t-shirts cotton? As i read somewhere if they're nylon etc they can mess about with the HRM signal?

  • Rodduz wrote (see)
    Are wicking t-shirts cotton? As i read somewhere if they're nylon etc they can mess about with the HRM signal? Cheers

    No, they're not, they're all synthetic and do get rid of the drips.  I have a Garmin 305, use the HRM (under my tops) and have never had a problem.  Don't have one near us, but think others have recommended Aldi for cheap running gear, but think (could be wrong) they only stock it 2 x per year (ie spring/summer-ish and autumn/winter-ish) and you have to be in early to get anything.

    PS the bit re Aldi that I saw referred to girly stuff, not sure if they're as good with blokey things.

  • Vaseline.  Under a pound a pot and worth every penny.  Spread anywhere you are likely to chaff but most importantly on your nips.
  • Lol, good advice. I'll get some before I embark on any long runs.

    I'm a fussy one with clothing, these synthetics are goign to irritate me a lot!!! boo!!!

  • Rodduz wrote (see

     i've wanted to do one of them ever since I had my first Ironman Triathlon watch when I was about 11!

    It took me about 25 years after getting my first Ironman watch to do an IMimage

    IMO socks are a well overrated piece of kit.  Not socks in general, but the ones that cost £7-£12 a pair. I wear ones from Asda. 5 pairs for £3.

    If you have a Decathlon nearby they are good.

  • I worked on the fact that I had to earn my expensive kit, such as HRM's etc. As I was new to running, I promised myself a HRM at xmas if I was still running. Then got a new goretex running jacket after my first half marathon etc. etc.

    Started off with some discounted (last years model) running shoes and not a lot else. As my distance and running frequency increased I got more kit. 90% of my kit off ebay. Now I've settled on Saucony Omni 7 shoes, I can get them off ebay as well, as I've found I need a new pair every 350miles. Hopefully next year I can get them cheap as 'last years model'. Definitely get gait analysis at a good running shop though.

    Cheap 'more miles' socks off ebay have been a good cheap buy. I generally stick with Ron Hill as a brand, which has generally given me good reasonably priced kit.
  • Don't worry about what order to buy your kit in once you have decent shoes, it will soon start to accumilate anyway.image

    I'm sure my Ron Hill Tees' are breeding. Either that or I live too close to the factory. image

    HRMs - I have one Polar. My first basic model HRM
                  3 different Welby ones. (presents for my sister and ex B I L )
                  And my FR 305.

    And numerous water bottles and bladders.

    Just don't get me started on the cycling/triathlon gear. image

  • Thanks for all your valuable tips. I am also a newby and have the trainers, but am cofused about what to wear  the rain and winter. Please give me advice, do i wear a thin running jacket? I dont wont to be bulky. Is there any waterproof tops on the market? Recommendations on makes please.
    Also what is the runnng equipment that you put music on called, i have an ipod, but its quite big. There is something really small but i cant look for it because i dont know what it is called.
    Thanks all this is a brilliant site and so helpful.
    I will keep going and am determined to break through the pain barrier and walk/run stage!!

  • Sports Direct do really good deals on Karrimor kit.
  • .... i'll just go and check my recepits    image
  • I got my shoes first then shorts, socks, shirt, nike +
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