Sub 3:30 in 2010.

Might as well aim high coz I'm feeling pretty down at the moment.


  • fat facefat face ✭✭✭

    KK - I know you mean well and I really really appreciate it but I've buggered my back and can barely walk at the moment and I've had to defer. All I was doing was putting me pants on this morning and I ended up in a heap on the floor. That's why I'm a bit down. I know what you mean about the psychological stuff though. It's cost me sporting prizes in the past. I used to get to the final hurdle convinced I'd lose, so I did.

    But good luck on Sunday and I hope you have a storming race.

  • Hail Hail

    Really hope that things work out for you FF.  Its gutting when things like this happen so close to your d-day.  But you're already looking beyond Sunday, and thats important, so well done.

    BTW - as a true Scotsman, I've always thought pants were over-rated.  Think you might now agree.

  • Blinding plan.

    Have you deferred Steve too? 

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