Glasgow 1/2M photos?

Has anyone had any luck with They were supposed to be photographing all the runners but I've not heard anything from them yet despite registering an interest.



  • Haven't heard anything either, but given how long it seemed to take them to send out London photos last year, I'm not holding my breath. It could take a while, so don't worry, it's nothing personal!
  • Cheers. I'll start breathing again then. ;-)

  • One of the two race sights on the sight (can't remember which - Hastings I think) has a facility to enable you to register for your Glasgow photo. They'll email you when its ready.

    Tashi delek

  • They take ages. There are some photos in the evening times today and at They should keep you going until you get your own photo!
  • Photo's now on the website - although I'm still waiting for the promised e-mail.

    I'm sure I looked better than that..........
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭

    Your photo's really cool. I bet not many runners thought to stop and pose for the photographer!

    By the way, I'm starting to look my age - a bit scary (no 259)
  • Thanks for the info. Having seen mine (2182) I don't think I'll be rushing out to buy it. It looks like someone with far less hair than me has got a copy of my race number. ;-)
  • Drew

    Were you looking for divine intervention? Or just wondering where the hell all the rain was coming from?

    I've no idea who the other runner was - I'd just crossed the line and the two of us got nabbed by a photographer wanting to take our picture.
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