Langtoft 10K

Anyone doing this one?

Got my number a few days ago.


  • Yes I am

    Only 5 miles from my home, my dog has punched a few holes in my number thoughimage

  • anyone know if you can enter on the day???

    i live in nottingham but dont want to travel down if not able to enter.

     thanks for any replies.


  • Steve,
    According to the race info you can enter on the day. Might be worth giving the race organiser a call to confirm - 01778 341 845 (daytime).
  • You can enter on the day but there is a limit on entrants, definitely worth giving them a call

  • cool

    thanks for the help

    will call him on sturday to see


  • Hope you all enjoyed it!

    It was astonishingly windy though!!!!

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