Rave Run in RW magazine

Does anyone know how you go about getting a Rave Run in the magazine as there's a rave run in Strathyre, Pershire where my parents live. I assumed you got a friend to take a snap as you cantered round the corner but it looks like the photography is by RW images so presumably it is all set up and organised. Do you have a make-up artiste and dresser to ensure you're looking your very best and do they have the option of cutting and pasting an attractive head onto your body if they think you don't pass muster? Knowing the models on the cover this is quite likely.


  • Hi Rusty. If they only have to 'paste the head then...Hey, fit bod' ! ;-)
  • Well coincidentally my Rave Run may be featured shortly..just send an e-mail outlining your choice of location and I'm sure they will get back to you.
  • Did they photograph you Monique? Is it in the stoke area.
  • Monique is right. If you've got a Rave Run drop us a line at rwedit@rodale.co.uk telling us about it. Better still send us a snap of the run.

    Look forward to hearing from you.
  • Oh yes, and Monique will be appearing in a copy of Runner's World near you soon!
  • On the front cover I hope. Got any fake tan left Monique?
  • mmmmmmmmmMonique in RW mag !!!

    hope it's next months issue
    hurry up June.

    LL - she doesn't need fake tan :)
  • Gareth, stop dribbling mate.
  • sorry bout that.
    best calm down a bit :)
  • Will she be wearing fishnets?
  • Never mind dear, back to bed little one.
  • seems i missed something.
  • Indeed you did sir... Nuff said!
  • Rusty, if there's anyway you can get me a shot of the area that you are talking about, we can see if it's worth sending a photographer along.

    Alternatively, try setting up a shot yourself and submitting to us. I prefer to have the runner quite small in the picture, as we are trying to highlight the scenery.

    If you do send anything, send it to me at
    7-10 Chandos Street
    London W1G 9AD

    Russell Fairbrother
    Art Editor
  • Artgod,

    Suggest you have an overwieght middle aged slightly balding runner slogging slownly down a road dripping sweat and looking completely knacked

    You know the real runner look


  • Yes I had a photo shoot- imagine. In very ordinary running clothes, and (hopefully) fom quite a distance- i'm a bit of a "Monet" to qoute Clueless. (looks good from a distance- but a bit of a mess close up)
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