FLM 2009 DVD - Race and Finish Line

Hi there,

This year I am doing dvds of the race coverage, highlights and finish line cams. I have finish cams up to gun + 6:15.

To get them sponsor me minimally £7 and email me your name, address and finish time using the 'email me' function on my runners world profile.

Sponsor me HERE and please put something in the comment box so I can tie your donation to your name.




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  • Thank you so much, I've just sent you an email and paid on your website
  • Cheers Martyn.

    Last year it took me a up to a month or so to get them all out (I did have to write hundreds of disks) but this year I am not nearly so busy in work so hope to knock them out much faster this year.

  • Oh, and I am still in London so might not be able to reply to emails until tomorrow (Monday 27th) night.

  • Boing !
  • Many thanks for this very kind offer. I am a very satisfied customer returning from last year! I have just made the donation on your site, and included my details in the comment line.

     Best wishes, and well done with your run

     Ffg (aka Craig Davey)

  • Donation made.  Look forward to receiving the finish line dvd.  I finished in 4.45 (took 7 mins to get over start).


  • Thanks Guys image

    My recording person tells me that he has improved the format and this year it is in 'true wide screen' whatever that means !
  • Hi ive donated again after getting my DVD last year

    Do you need me to email you my finishing time?

  • Hi Welsh Alex, another satisfied customer from last year returning image  Am just about to email you and donate image

  • Hi Alex,

    Just about to donate £10.   I finished in 3:48 but took 2 minutes to cross the start line.   I'm at a BFPO address but the postage is as per UK:

    Tony G Hodge

    c/o MLO, British Embassy Kabul, BFPO 758.

  • Hi Alex,

    Just made my donation for my FLM09 DVD's. (to be posted to Darrell Walkley  NP12 3QW)

    Thank you!

  • Hello,

    Is the latest that the coverage goes up to?



  • Have all the tv coverage plus finish line cams to (give or take a few secs) start + 6:15. That is all that was broadcast.

    Sending me yor times, ideally gun times if you can figure them would be good as it will waste loads of time to look everyone up on the flm website.

    Thanks image
  • Hi I did 6.14.18 chip time - how do I find out gun time?  Although I guess it means I am not there image

  • I think there is little chance of you being on there. Just add on how long it took you to cross the start. Can do TV coverage all the same if you want it.
  • ParaleticParaletic ✭✭✭

    Hi there

    Just sent you a donation of £15 that my Dad has kindly donated (as he cocked up his own recording and was really upset) so its all good news in the end.

    Many thanks

    Matt Turvey

  • Have got finish line to 6:20 so I am told so you might just squeak it Barking.

    Thanks Paraletic image
  • My hubby is right royally peeved that he didn't realise there was a highlights programme (which is on iplayer, and I'm on it!) so he's well pleased that you're doing this. Thanks Alex. You should have my donation and email now image
  • Hi Alex , have justed donated and sent you an e mail

    thanks image

  • Thanks image)
  • Hi Alex,

    I've just donated and sent you an email.

     All the best with the fundraising and thanks for the DVD!


  • hi alex,

    just donated and sent you an email.


    can pick up if you prefer. i'm in clydach.

  • hahaha! its all on the beebs iplayer and thats for FREE!

    Sure the BBC would love to hear that somebody is selling copies off there programs. mmmmmmmmmm!

  • Well done Alex. I stumbled across your Thread last year and really glad you are doing the same this year. Look forward to seeing myself and my friends !

    Have emailed you and made donation. Finished in 3:54:58, gun time 3:59


  • Message for "Love it"

    "Welsh Alex" does not make a single penny from doing this. All the donations we make on his BMYCHARITY web page for the DVD's goes directly to his charity (VICTA). He is, in fact, out of pocket as he has to buy the blank DVD's, uses his electric and time and pays the postage!. I'm sure the BBC would turn a blind eye to this anyway as no profit is being made.

  • Thanks Alex,

    Donated and email sent.

  • Thank you Alex, just donated and sent you an email. 
  • Hello Alex

    My name is peter grieveson  12 sussex drive banbury oxon ox161ur.  My running number was 21217. I finished in 3 hours 46 minutes. My kids were apparently going nuts when they saw me near the finish on the telly and my curiosity has now got the better of me. I will donate on your page in good faith.



  • Hi Alex,

    Donation made and email sent.

    I look forward to receiving the DVD.

    Thank you very much and good luck with the fundraising.

    Many thanks,

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